GLOW UP JOURNAL: Episode one



As many other people, my principal struggle is my appearence.
Appearence is crucial when you want to send out a message about who you are.
I don’t reaaaallly want to be this fitness skeleton girl who swears only by cardio and healthy smoothies but my main goal is to look like I control what I eat.
I don’t want this


I want to sculpt my body into a very nice shape. I want no cellulite, no stretch marks, no flabby belly, thin legs and arms, a body that I would be proud of, a body that won’t struggle me when I want to have some fun or fancy clothes.

Let’s say like this:

I have two weeks to loose a MAXIMUM of weight.

Alsooooo, I want to hydrate because water is solution of E V E R Y T H I N G, I swear to God.

My mother knows someone who drank 3 liters of water per day for 2 months and she lost weight, got the healthiest body she never had, no more acne, stretch mark, cellulite problems etc…

I’ve started the day eathing pie and other very unhealthy food but it doesn’t matter. Water will permite me to get off of all bad thing in my intestines, liver, kidneys etc…

Today, I will eat only raw vegetables and fruits. See you soon to assess.


UPDATE: It’s now 19:17 in France (7pm) and I have drunk only 1.5 liters of water, i’ve eaten 2 clementines, three slices of a huge chocolate cake.

I have not achieved my goal ut i have learnt that :

  • I must not stay aroung a place where there is food
  • I have to move fastera and every part of my body
  • I must not procrastinate


This isn’t how it works. You can’t just go on eating unhealthy and expect that by drinking pools of water, it will “wash down”. Actually water may just help factors like your skin and not necessarily your weight. Eating healthy and diet is key to losing weight. Cardio is the best type of exercise to burn fat and the fastest. You can’t rely on exercise to burn all the fat because diet is the most important part of healthy living.


It doesn’t directly burn the fat but it helps to wash down as you said, however, it will facilitate to loose weight. When I that “it does not matter” I mean that I won’t wait until tomorrow to begin what I have planned, not that I think that water is a miraculous weight loss formula. But thank you :wink:


Not really sure. But just do you, in a healthy way that respects and appreciates your body.
You only have one body.
Good luck and happy health.


You’re not sure about what ?


lol I never said that.


Well I don’t want you to get stressed and get too caught up focusing on your body. It might cause anxiety issues and other mental issues. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well it actually does, that’s why I want to change my way of living, I want to accept my body, but another version of it :slight_smile:


Ok. :slightly_smiling_face:


You did not mean that, but you said it.


I didn’t mean it nor did I say it, I said

You can’t just go on eating unhealthy and expect that by drinking pools of water, it will “wash down”. Actually water may just help factors like your skin and not necessarily your weight.

But if I can give you a tip, it’s drink 1 glass of water before every meal and then you’ll feel like you’ve already eaten a bit and not eat as much as you regularly do. This is what I do and I’ve gone from 177 lbs to 125 in like 7 months. Along with exercising.


Oh waw, congratulation ! What type of cardio exercise do you do ?


I’ve heard that drinking green tea also helps to loose weight, have you tried this tip ?


I honestly started so small because I didn’t know what to do. I would do this20181015_211109 every day. Then I just started to walk my dog for like an hour or so. I then began to run at nights. I just very recently got a gym membership and have started lifting weights. But I prefer just running or jogging at night and when I can’t I’ll just do a small workout routine.


I haven’t heard about it, but I do love tea and drink it almost 2 times a day…minus the sugar of course, I sweeten mine with honey.


Do you count how much calories you burn in average when you do your jogging ?


So you had a problem with your weight also, isn’t it ?


I don’t. That’s probably why it takes me so long to lose the weight. But I’ve heard you have to lose the same amount you consume. I literally just go home after 1-2 hours or until I start sweating.


Actually, 1kg refers to 9000 cal


Yes! Ugh. I know people say “be happy with your body”. And I was, I loved eating so much , still do. But I have to admit I started doing it because I was so tired of all the insults and jokes. I never did it to prove someone else wrong, but just to make me feel better, if that makes sense. But with all the weight loss I’ve had, I honestly feel so much better.