GLOW UP JOURNAL: Episode one



I can understand you, really. Fortunatly, nobody bullied me bc of my weight, but when I see people so thin and gorgeous who wear fancy clothes 'cause they find their size, I feel very excluded. Also, I have a very disgusting morphology and a fat belly which makes my back curved.


A few things I forgot to tell you is, skinny doesn’t always mean healthy. Sometimes people are just genetically thinner. If you wanna be skinny, just cuz is not enough…do it because you want to live healthier. Fat or overweight doesn’t always mean ugly or undesirable. Don’t rush into it, start off small. You won’t lose weight right away, sometimes not even in the first weeks. Never force your body into something it isn’t used to, like eating only once a day or doing excessive exercise. You will be sore the next morning after any sort of workout.


If you’re gonna lose weight through starvation then you’re gonna gain it all back and twice as fast. The only weightloss that stays is slow, steady weight loss. What’s the point of consuming nothing but water, fruits, and veggies if you’re gonna scarf down on a cake?? Are you perhaps calorie restricting? yeah that’s how people end up with an eating disorder. All you gotta do is eat healthy:

  • cut down on junk food; pizzas, burgers, etc. should be treats you get 2-3 times a month - or better yet every 2-3 months

  • cut down on sugar. There’s already sugar added to regular non-sweet foods & things like ketchup. So regulate the excess and control your sweet tooth habit. Sodas, coca colas, and all that crap use it wash your toilets not your intestines. Cut that sh** outta your died. Sugar is one of the main causes of weight gain, obesity, and not to mention diabetes. Eat healthy. Try to consume sweets the natural way (ex bananas & fruits, honey) - or at least to cut down sugar consumption instead of a complete substitute

  • cut down on salt/sodium - i.e. processed & canned foods, processed meats, etc.

just doing those simple adjustments should do a lot - esp if these are your habits

  • eat out less often and have home-cooked meals like 90% of the time - and no frozen ready-to-eat meals!!

and last but not least, if you’re a couch potato then exercise.

These are my poor man’s tips on how I stayed skinny/fit as a teenager; my family was too stingy & poor to afford unlimited junk food, pizzas were a rare treat, and I walked everywhere in the small town cause paying $1.5 for a bus ticket seemed expensive.

oh, and if you’re an emotional eater then you should check that out & see a professional. A lot of obese people are overweight either because they’re addicted to junk food or because they’re an emotional eater.


btw not saying you’re overweight - just what’s the main cause of weight gain in people with weight issues


these are just tips, sorry if they sounded too blunt I didn’t mean to be rude or anything like that. anyways I’ll be back l8er with some emotional support


I do it for myself, I want to see me, once before I die, at my full potential <3


Thank you soo much <3
But my main problem is that I Don’t move a lot, I’m Always in my bed or on a chair and I snack a lot and unhealthy food. Plus my mother cooks big quantities for everybody in the house and -as I have serious problems with veggies- she usually cooks dishes with a lot of starchy food… And I really can’t control myself, that’s sad. When I like Something -which is rare- I eat until I’m upset :confused:


oh I see.

yeah exercise is definitely important - make sure to start a healthy routine. If you’re having issues with mobility there are chair exercises you can do. And if commitment is the problem, try walking to places (ex if you take the bus, get one stop earlier, walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator). Or you can try dancing to music, that way it’s more fun. Just remember, even doing a little better than nothing. But most importantly exercise is important for your health. I’m not trying to lose any weight, myself, but I’m trying to get active again (for my physical health). It’s so hard to do in the winter, esp if you’re too broke to afford gym membership.

as for your self-image, if you’re gonna scrutinize your body then you need to learn to be realistic. I’ve seen some acquaintances talking about needing to lose weight because they have a little “pouch” - despite looking perfectly healthy and fine. You see, having a little bit of a curve in your lower tummy area is perfectly normal. All girls have them and nobody truly does have a “flat” tummy unless they have a wide body structure to even out the fat or they’re anorexic and their rib cage is showing. The way a woman’s anatomy works is that in profile view we all have a small curve. And as for having a “pooch”, well that’s what comes with having curves. Women with curves haves pooches and skinny women have small breasts = that’s just how it works most of the time. Big boobs and butts are essentially stored fat, so if your body stores fat then it’lll store it everywhere. And if your body don’t store fat (skinny) then you probably also have “less” curves (since there’s no fat to fill up the goods). People like the Kardashians get a liposuction. And anyways, unless you’re suffering health (ex obesity, diabetes) issues you really shouldn’t be preoccupied with diets and weigh-loss.

Here’s a video that showcases a realistic portrayal of a female’s body:

Do you think their bodies are ugly? If you’d never criticize anybody else’s body the way you do your own then you seriously need some self reflection and a large dose of self-love.