GLOW UP JOURNAL: Episode two



I just finished the dishes. I’m upset. Last night , I went bed very late cuz I was looking for some healthy recipes on YouTube and I found one of hummus pasta which looked so good that i tried to make it.
Well I’ve messed up everything, I forgot to cook the chikbeans then I mixed them raw. Now they’re burnt and I have to wait 'till tomorrow to try it again.

That’s the negative point of my day.

This Morning, I made up eggs with avocados and tomatos which wasn’t as good as it looked. If you have some healthy breakfast recipes, I really need it.
Well, I’m kinda proud 'cause I haven’t eaten any sugary or salty food. I’m actually drinking my first 1.5 L water bottle.
I drank a glass of very strong green tea without any form of sweet, which was… well, I won’t do it again bc i’ve heard that it colours teeth when I drink it too much

I’ll try to follow a sport programm but I’ll see

I’ve spent almost all my afternoon to Watch videos about how to get glass skin but I did not find anything satisfying.


All the products were super expensive or very hard to find. So if you have a similar natural skin care, please let me know.

It’s 17:51, I did not even finished my first bottle. I am going to pray then I think that I’ll do this fu**ing sport program.
I began to read Cinna by Corneille, which is quite difficult to understand.

I just finished my dinner which was very tasty : Some potatos with chiken slices, carrots, herbs, onions and spices. I ate maybe a little bit more than I should. I’m glad because i resisted to the forbidden fruit : bread.

What I learnt today:

  • Sugar and salt are my principal ennemies
  • The earlier the dinner is, the more I digest well.
  • Eat slowly and concentrate about what you do, do not let someone distrurb you. If someone talk to you, then stop eating. When you eat without being focused,your stomach would feel like he ate Nothing and will ask for more food. That’s what we want to avoid, right ?

And Don’t forget that you must:


you don’t have to go that far…
but definitely don’t watch tv while eating; not a good habit.

Good for you! Good job!

That’s okay. I’m glad you’re eating enough to feel full instead of starving yourself.

Keep up at it and the results will show - you just have to be patient cause it will take time.

My breakfast food used to be half a cup of oatmeal (the instant kind you boil/cook - much better than pastry foods that I used to eat in High School!

Other healthy options of foods are yams (sweet potatoes) and buckwheat. I also personally eat rice on the daily - though idk if it’s healthy or supposedly unhealthy.


It’s really nice having a person that supports me. I told nobody around me what I do because I’m afraid that they surestimate me and I’m the kind of person who “fakes it untill she does it”