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Introduction & FAQ

What is Goal Setters?
Often writing a Book can seem like a never-ending task. The idea behind ‘Goal Setters’ is to help writers set goals to reach in their writing, whether it be small or large in hope that it’ll help motivate us to reach our goals.

So how does this thread work?
In the next post you’ll find a wiki where people’s word goals and current progress are listed. Add your username, goal and progress to keep track of your goal. My hope is that this thread will also be a place for chatting among each other about writing and helping support one another to reach those all-important milestones :slightly_smiling_face:

What do you mean by a Wiki?
A Wiki is a post that can be edited by any forum user with a Basic, Member, Regular or Leader trust level. Your current trust level should be viewable on your profile. Wiki posts are green and look like a differently coloured normal post. If you have the right trust level there should be an edit option avaliable - if not, feel free to tag me and either ask for help or I can edit your goal in for you.

What if I want to change my goal?
Simply edit (or ask me to edit) it into the Wiki :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve completed my goal! What next?
Let us know so we can congratulate you! Feel free to edit it into the ‘Completed Goals’ wiki and start a new one in ‘Current Goals’ if you found it useful ^-^

I have another Question not answered here
Tag me and ask away c:


Current Goals

Username - Goal - Progress

@Azanthiel - 10K words of rewrite - 0 words

@calmwolf - 2k words - 0 words

@Arkotract - Write Chapter 1 of new Fantasy short story (original work?!)

@wildwolf708 - Keep writing until May 31st and see how many words I have by then. - 13,299

@Davrielle - 50k words for NaNoWriMo - 16,803

@darvruni - 50k words - 38,178 words

@FireAlwaysReturns - Finish the book (4-8k) - 826 words

@TheGrumpyMountain - Rewrite chapters 1 to 17 - Chapter 12

@kissesandtells - Goal: 50,000 words - Attained: 25,426

@WriterAnimated - Goal: Write 50k words for paranormal novel

@InGeenious - Goal: 80,000 words - Attained: 28,011

@Xenoclea - write 3 more chapters (about 10K words) - 4295 words

@astrophile - finish my novel - chapter two

@houseofmirrors - 50K words - 14,513 words

@sarakbeeksma - 100K for NaNoWriMo

@NamiarTopit - Complete WIP Series first drafts before 30th November: series of 5 novellas - ~3 done

Project 1- complete first draft (90,000 words) by oct 31 currently at 47,500 words
Project 2 - create beat sheet and detailed outline

@KR_Williams Complete first draft (90k words) Currently at 40k

@KeladryAnn - KEEP WRITING after starting my new job & begin posting novel

@prosejoyce - finish my novel before January 2020 - currently (and successfully) writing my first chapter

@CeeMTaylor - finish all the chapters I’m meant to post before 2020 by September 15th!

@angelikagrae - finish the first draft (80k words) currently at 50k

@ClarissaNorth - finish rewrite of ‘Only Forever’ before the end of September

@staymelanated - finish chapters 26, 27 and 28 of ‘Lost Girl’ before 10 PM today (25/08/19)

@_Sanguine - 75k words - currently at 8k

@Autumn_Kanaiva Write 6 chapters of ‘Midnight Masquerade’

@MistickMage Complete Stardust

@bluespringlife Finish Crystal Queer

@hcwilhelm - Write to the first plot point for JANUS by 9/30.

@LuthienSeregon - Complete first draft (60-80k) - currently at 35k

@henry_scott - Complete WIP (75K by 9/22/19) - currently at 58K

@AndreaKuska - Complete detailed outline of new project

@tracydee18 - Complete WIP by October 31, 2019. (Roughly 10 chapters to go!)

@PenNameCrystalVibe -
Goal #2: Complete the rewrite of help! i’m falling
Goal #3: try to write first draft of insert title here
Goal #4: try to write first draft of survived.
Goal #5: try to write 100 words a day…(will not update this one)

@Sonic_Books - 15,000 words by the end of September (10,000 completed! 5,000 more to go!)

@Olivaughn - 20,000 words by September - 11,163 words

@jolyne - Completely finish “stardust” and begin drafting “elysian” (a standalone sequel to stardust). Only a few chapters away from finishing stardust and have already brainstormed ideals to elysian

@SapphireAlena — write chapter 11; write character monologues for MC’s roommates; rewrite pitch (dumpster fire right now)

@LadyofthePond - Complete outline for Nano project and chapter five of novella.

@HEEdwards - Write 5k words for WotW- Completed
Write 20k more words of WotW-

@DomiSotto – Finish Draft 1 of Son of a Bhuta (novella) by May 1, 2020

@eliyeda – Finish my newest book (~80k words) by December 31, 2019 – progress: 25,713

@Wocalich – Finish writing Thousand Kisses before the end of September

@ReyenaScarr – Finish the first draft of FEARS by the end of June.

@fennawinters - 80,000 words

@AmandaPenn- 50,000 words for Nano and finish editing Sparked by January 2020

@The_Pretence– Finish Masquerade within November.

@Spider-Hawk — Complete first draft of The Champion’s Cadenza — 8/9 done

@LostNeverland4 - Complete first draft of Beauty of a Crimson Soul (80k) - currently at 50k

@phoenixking98 – Finish first draft of “The Arsonist” before February 1st. 25 chapters (~50k words)

@originalverbivore – Finish first round of edits of Elliot – started chapter 1

@lst-my-shp-sil — Finish draft of “Tainted Wings”

@hetachokshi - Finish editing and polishing “Their Fates” before Wattys 2020 begin

@Glasgwyn - publish 1st ep - drafting

@bffhiz111 -Finish Novel by June 2020

@wilmix14 - Finish my Novel by the end of May

@billyjaycob - finish the first act of combust by june 1




Completed Goals

Username - Goal - Date Completed

@Username - x words - day/month/year

@Xenoclea - 11031 words by the end of June - 5/6/2019
@wildwolf708 (Layla was here.) - Goal Completed - 33,177 of 15k - 5/6/19. Goal Completed - 54,189 of 35K - {16/08/19} Goal Completed - 34,466 of 30k. {2/9/19}. Goal Completed 42,904 of 20K {This was completed a while ago. I just don’t remember the date.} Goal Completed 50K words for NaNo - 51,762 {11/15/19}
@darvruni - 10k - 11/06/19 + finished my story - 07/19/2019
@calmwolf Chapter XXIV (~3k)/ finished my story - 07/27/2019
@originalverbivore - editing the entire story (TDTP) - 08/13/2019 | Completing first draft of Elliot - 02/01/2020
@Arkotract - >20K words (Complete) - 22/08/2019
@staymelanated - Completed chapter 26, 27, 28 - 08/25/2019
@NamiarTopit - Completed WIP series’ 3rd book’s first draft - 8/31/2019
@SapphireAlena - finished outline of Pernicious Suitor; created pitch for Pitch Workshop - 9/15/2019; wrote ch. 10; wrote character monologues for love interest and antagonist - 9/22/2019
@DomiSotto – Completed first draft of ONC, Her First Husband on Feb 27, 2020, at 32.2K
@angelikagrae - finished first draft of 70k, Oct 19, 2019
Goal #1: Complete rewrite of story, try and add 8k (27/10/2019) to it by October 31, 2019 - 23, 265/20, 000 - 31/10/2019
@sarakbeeksma 11.15.19 Finished Bloodlust | Completed Rewrites on the beginning of LoT
@MistickMage 1.6.20 Finished Stardust
@WriterAnimated - Goal completed 58k words of 50k words - Finished towards the beginning of the year Finish General Fiction Novella | Completed | 5/3/2020 Goal #2: Finish Romance Novella | Completed | 5/5/2020





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