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Hello and welcome to golden boys, a solo graphic shop. Here I will be making covers, banners, and a few other stuff I haven’t decided on yet. Please read the rules and fill out the forms as best as you can. Thank you for requesting at Golden boys!

001: Please be patient with me, I’ll try to deliver in less than a few hours but I do have college and i also work.
002: No request hopping unless both me and the other artist know about it and consented to it.
003: I don’t do anime, homophobic, or racist graphics - also cartoons I do but I’m most likely to deny.
004: Password is your favorite show.
005: First come first serve c:
006: If you don’t pick up within 4 days it becomes a premade.
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Golden boys

you can choose between following me or requesting a fake (link in premades post) for my premade collection

credit is mandatory

if using on quotev let me know before hand so you can credit me to @ callmenevi and not @ soulpixie
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Golden boys

please request fakes here (used to make premades) >

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Golden boys

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Golden boys

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Golden boys

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you may now request c:

Welcome back!


amazing graphics and the last remaining imgur album survivor. you my sis are a legend.

thank you! I’m going to be so sad when imgur is gone I’ve been using it for graphics since 2014

requesting a cover
title; I Wish
subtitle; 'Cause I wake up, up in the morning time and there's nobody here by my side
author; @shadowsettle (please don't put the @)
mood; a little sunlit, if that makes sense; it's bright and fluffy but has a kind of sad, melancholy feel to it, like grey clouds in a sunny sky.
faceclaims; none.
ideas; not really any ideas. maybe a girl staring out a window? or raindrops sliding down glass? or like i said before, raining but it's sunny. that would be cool.
password; i don't watch a lot of shows. adventure time or brooklyn nine nine, maybe.
anything else; this story is based on a song. here's the song art:


thank you! - shadow

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@shadowsettle A C C E P T E D
please complete payment c: expect your delivery no later than 5 hours. thank you for requesting at golden boys

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Requesting a cover

Title ~ Zombies
Subtitle ~ When theres no more room in hell the dead will walk the earth.
Author ~ The_Girl_In_The_Box
Mood ~ Dark, edgy, apocalyptic
Password ~ Shadowhunters

@the_girl_in_the_box please use the forms provided, thank you!

@shinrili @soulpixie1 is Imgur going to close, then?

@shadowsettle D E L I V E R Y
please complete payment c:

( C L A I M E D )


@hatefuls33 hopefully not, ive been using it for such a long time and all my graphics are there but they did delete the mobile online version of it because of lack of use. so maybe it will eventually be shut down /span>

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for me it was more frustrating than inconvenient because it didn’t work on mobile and the albums aren’t something i know how to handle tbh :joy: and with flickr going through a mental breakdown i think tumblr is the way for most people i know

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yeah I think I might just start switching my stuff over to tumblr