Good @ it/ Bad @ it (Character Version)

It’s simple really: Just basically state if your main character/protagonist(s) are good or bad at the things stated above, then state something for the person below you to answer. I plan to do a regular one similar to this one much later.


Person A: Inventing new things?

Person B: Charlie is good at that.


Person C: Linda is bad at that.

Getting their picture taken?

and so on…

My Turn:

Solving tough puzzles and riddles?


Simon is very good at that.

Playing chess?

What is bump?
And what are we suppose to continue with.

My characters haven’t played it, but they may do it.

Carving pumpkin faces?

Carving pumpkins : Anna is pretty good at that. Max… bless his heart, he tries. :joy:

Giving a speech in front of a crowd?

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Zariah can do that, but she will faint at one point. She can’t handle crowds well.

Can they sing?

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I mean, I can relate to not dealing with crowds :joy:

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Ihyaan can.

Can they dance?

Arcadia is…surprisingly.

Keeping promises?

Red is good at keeping promises


Cain is bad at it.

Solving mathematics equations?

Simon is the best at that.

Playing basketball?

Noah, football and basket are his favourites!

Can they trip in public?

Yeah Alex can do it but only if she needs to cause a distraction or her alias is generally clutzy.

Go fishing?

Isaac and Seth would be good at it.


Good. My characters drawings turned out to be highly collectible…

Hiking in the forest?

Yes. My characters love to do that.

Riding motorcycles?

They’ve never done it but my characters would probably enjoy it.

Going swimming?

Tara is the best on that.