Good reasons for these groups to make an alliance?

Hello! This is for a story that I’m writing for myself, won’t publish it

So, there is this totalitarian country, and there are three revolutionary ideologies, one of which is the ruling ideology in half of the world (The other half are usually Totalitarian like this country)

So, I want the three groups to make an alliance, but they usually fight each other

So, this dialogue happens when they get together

“So you, [Group A], you have thousands of collectives around the nation and they split over the minimum disagreement, you are totally and utherly useless to the cause of overthrowing our current government, while you [Group B], are just parties split across the entire world that don’t do anything but lick each other’s boots about how bad both sides are. While we, [Group C], through good organization and ideals, have half of the world, and here, we are a united Party, powerful enough that the government centers it’s reprisals against us before anyone else, and everyone knows the name of our Leader, be it as a hero or as public enemy number 1. So tell me, why should we make an alliance? Well, the answer to that question, the reason our Leader needs an alliance with you two is…”

And I’m blocked there. Why do the hell to they need their help?

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I love a good revolutionary alliance. Here’s a few ideas, I hope they help!

  1. A common threat.
    Are the totalitarians going after all three groups with an iron fist? Are all revolutionary supporters being rounded up within the enemy territory? What about an environmental/existential threat that would hurt all three groups’ territories?

  2. A single threat
    Is one of the smaller groups getting targeted by the enemy state, and now they need the bigger group to assist them? This might make for an interesting strain on the alliance.

  3. A common ideal
    Is there at least one issue the groups can unite behind? Do all three groups care about free press while the enemy state starts rounding up journalists? Is the state cutting off trade or resources that affect all the revolutionary parties?

  4. An end to infighting
    You said the three revolutionary groups are fighting each other. Maybe one of them learned that totalitarian agents are stoking that conflict to keep the three sides focused on each other rather than the central enemy? Finally one of the three revolutionaries says, “wait a minute, we’re all being played against each other” and tries to form a central alliance.

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