What’s some good teen fiction books out right now. Maybe even some with gore and horror would be nice. Good characters. Drop your stories below, I’d love to check them out and give some feedback.


Can I give ya my story? Do you want any info?

Sure I’d love to check it out :))

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Title: Star Bright
Teen Fiction
Charley Oakman is used to being a guest in her own broken home. Her mom, or “Quinn”, more often than not, seems set on chasing her unattainable dream of being featured on the big screen, while her dad is the host of one of America Star Network’s most popular shows, Star Bright. While most teenagers would resent her parents’ life choices, Charley sees their neglect as a way to get whatever she wants and cruise through life without discipline. Her dad almost never communicates with her, and her mom seems to have booked a new audition every week!

Then one day, out of nowhere, Charley’s dad calls her. More specifically, about his work, and about how amazing her “pretty face” would look on-camera. Horrified by the prospect of being a part of Star Bright, she hangs up and tries not to give it another thought.

Soon, however, a great casualty knocks Charley’s life off balance, and cruising through it becomes harder than expected. Old feelings about Charley’s best friend’s boyfriend resurface, and a simple incident between the two leaves Charley paranoid that Izzy will find out.

Unsurprisingly, Charley’s dad thinks her personal life will make great TV. And he’s willing to do anything to get the ratings up.

I think this thread is best suited for the Share Your Story category. But I do have a completed Teen-Fiction novella you might be interested in! :blush:


Title: The Red Ribbon

Genre: Teen-Fiction

Blurb: It’s the beginning of a new school year as elite junior Ravenna Griselda continues her reign of terror over the student body after the infamously traumatizing events of sophomore year. Thanks to the Inquisitors, an openly secret organization within the private school, Ravenna, alongside her puppets, begin to master the art of real-life chess. As the months progress, the Inquisitors grow not only smarter, but bolder as they take a leap over a dangerous line they’ve never crossed before. So when a revenge plan takes an unexpected turn, deep rooted secrets are suddenly spilled. Through betrayals, backlash, and intricate conspiracies, Ravenna only remains with one last question: which one of them is the real monster?


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I was about to recommend your book :joy: But I can vouch for this! This is a really good book! @Motel_6

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Thank you!! :joy::heart::heart:

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Every book by KnightsRachel is a joy. Please read all her books if you want a good laugh or cry!

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I’ve got a YA character-driven superhero story (I really hope it’s good, but I that’s best left to other people to judge). There are a couple of deaths, though I’m not sure they’re that gory - sorry!

Title: Hero


Blurb: Maisie was meant to be a hero. It’s the family business, after all. But unlike her father and brothers, she has no powers - a dangerous condition in a world where the criminals she’s fighting can take a drug and gain the superpowers she lacks.

With Flight, ordinary people can experience a few hours of being demigods - some of the time. Other times, it can drive them insane, turning their newly gained abilities into weapons of mass destruction.

When a drug raid goes wrong, Maisie finds herself embroiled in a deeper conspiracy surrounding Flight, with threads leading all the way back to her father’s youth. Alone and outmatched, the only person she has to turn to is the brother who made her life hell as a child, and all the while, Flight exerts its own dark draw . . .

If you read it, I hope you enjoy it - and either way I hope you find a bunch of books that appeal to you. (:

Hey @Motel_6!

My WIP “Eternal Orchids” is kind of a weird story to describe but it’s a teen/young adult romance, almost a bit gothic but not horror, with plenty of twists and turns… it’s different to a lot of stuff out there (hopefully!)

There is no mature content. Hope you like it if you choose to take a look - I’d love to hear your thoughts/feedback :blush:

ETERNAL ORCHIDS by Lucille Dixon


The flowers are always in bloom at Edenhall Park…

When a beautiful but mysterious stranger offers nineteen-year-old Evelyn a fresh start, away from the tough life she’s been living on the streets, she jumps at the chance.

However, after arriving at the seemingly-magical Edenhall Park - an ancient, grand house where the young, beautiful and celebrated seem to live wild and free - Evelyn soon begins to realise things are not quite as they seem.

As Evelyn’s heart starts to fill with love and desire, it soon learns to ignore what her head is telling her and simply allow the beauty of Edenhall Park and all those who live there to consume her every fibre.

Can love really allow people to stay young and beautiful forever? Within the walls of Edenhall Park, it would appear so…


The True Covenant- The Summer of 1989

Erin craves the life of her peers. She wants friends. She wants a place to call her home. She wants to be a normal teenage girl with hobbies and maybe even a boyfriend. Her parents have made that all but impossible though.

Her parents keep her on the move, running from something otherworldly. Between the guns and the magic, Erin knows there is no way it could be something normal like a cartel or the Feds. One summer evening, she finally gets a clue about what and who they are hiding from.

Three men arrive unannounced at their home in Indiana, bringing tidings of death and danger. Erin is thrown into the magical and monstrous chaos of the life her parents left behind to protect her. Will she find a way to adapt to this new world? Or will her growing power consume her heart, body, and soul?

Doubtful Poems by a Hopeful Teenager

Leona is a sixteen year old introverted writer hiding in her world of poetry who’s only friend is a boy she met online. James Greyson is the out going, charming, golden boy who’s family just moved. He soon questions everything he has with the girl online who he only knows as Valeera, when a girl at his new school captures his mind and soul with her poetry. Ridden with anxiety, Leona decides to keep her identity hidden from the only one who’s understood her. Her plan was working until she starts receiving texts from her father whos in prison for the murder of her mother.

Doubtful Poems by a Hopeful Teenager


Beard: a person who carries out a transaction (dating, marrying, etc.) to conceal the other’s sexual identity.

Emerson “Emie” Badgley has always been a sweet girl. As a baby, she never cried excessively and always slept through the night. As a toddler, she ate her vegetables and was a well-behaved child who listened to her parents. In school, she never got into fights, was an excellent student with good grades and always completed her assignments. In short, Emie was the golden child of golden children.

In her teens, Emie was always home on time and was well behaved. She even has a boyfriend, but they had never ventured beyond a few chaste kisses and hand-holding. Their platonic relationship is modest and conservative in every sense of the word.

So why is Emie’s wish to take the relationship to the next level a problem all of a sudden?

Hey there, you might like my story! It’s a teenfiction and made to be a cute (so no gore or horror, sorry), quick read. And I should probably mention it’s a short story :slight_smile: Feel free to check it out!

Wonderwall (n): Someone you find yourself thinking about all the time, someone you’re infatuated with.

A plastic turtle, a sports girl, summer camp, surfing and a cup of coffee all come together in these five romantic short stories about female empowerment.

“This really brings me back to being a kid.” - TheDeadPlace

“There are so many things you can do with classical romance but this book CHANGES EVERYTHING. When I saw the synopsis, I was thinking “aaand another romance, there’s no way this is going through”. Wrong again! The author is so skilled at developing a story that I’m beginning to call it natural-born talent. When cliche. Is taken. On another level.” - Millie

“This book will inspire many romance novelists.” - Rachel

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Gods are created by a mighty force, a force to balance the universe, every galaxy, world, and life.

“You are not here to die.” The God clarifies with exasperation while he sees through the girl’s eyes, to read her mind and see every painful memory she keeps to herself and feel the profound pain she carries in her soul. A pain that makes Axl, the powerful God of the Water Region unable to retain his desire to help Camille. Help her heal from a traumatic life.

Camille is a beautiful girl full of sorrow and scars caused by someone she was supposed to trust her whole life. Just when she lost her hope of finding a better life. She opened a door to a new world. A world that takes her to stand face to face with a God. But why is she here? Why in a sacred world where no human can walk? Why does she hear voices calling out her name? What can she expect from an enchanting man, that looks so heartless but sincere at the same time?

“Welcome to the Gods World, my lady.” The angels greet her in unison.156294170693572456

Hey there @Motel_6 I have one you might enjoy, I’ll link it down below! It’s got a crazy twist at the end that will make you speed over to book two! I’ll link it below, happy reading! :slight_smile:

What’s Your Deal?



Description: Being the son of a dirty cop isn’t easy. Jeff has been bullied since middle school when the first accusation was slung about his father on the day of his mother’s passing. Learning from his father that putting on a tough act is the only way through, Jeff pushes away everybody who has ever tried to get close to him.
One such person is Brant. The local gay, and social outcast. Brant has been putting up with the worst that humanity has had to offer since the day he was born. Admiring Jeff from afar has only amplified his desires to claim him, but every attempt at friendship has been met with repressed anger, and rejection. Can Brant break through Jeff’s calloused personality and show him there’s more to life than being a social scandal? Or will Brant be just another mask for Jeff to push away while trying to make it through high school?

Hi! You might be interested in this teen fic book of mine ^-^

Title: The Turnover
turn·o·ver /ˈtərnˌōvər/ noun
(in a basketball game) a loss of possession of the ball to the opposing team.
Ashley Zhao vowed that she would never touch a basketball ever again. But after moving to Los Angeles, where the game of basketball is practically worshipped, she seems to have a bit of a dilemma with her promise as she was her previous school’s star player. But why does she want to keep such an important hobby, a secret?

Because she dreams of fitting into the common girl stereotype of sitting still and looking pretty.

Ashley attempts to do this by becoming one of the school’s tutors but fails to blend in as she comes out as one of the top students at Grandview High. As a result of this, many students request for her assistance and when there’s more interaction, there’s more exchange of information. As if her life couldn’t get any worse, William Campbell, the captain of the boys’ basketball team, requests for her assistance.

With his British accent and gentle personality, she can’t seem to stop gravitating towards him. But Ashley knows what’s at stake if she gives in because if she does, she will make a turnover on behalf of her dreams to ridicules and insults once again.

After a series of brutal murders occur and men begin disappearing around Gotham City, Barbara Gordon begins her own investigation into who- or what- is behind these slayings. However, as she gets closer to the truth she becomes entangled in a game of mystery, the supernatural, and pure evil.

Demon of the Night is an original reimagining of the iconic DC characters with a vampiric twist.


When he’s suddenly cursed with bad luck, Peter Parker learns the hard way what it means when the black cat crosses your path.


I’ve got a YA fantasy / dystopia / paranormal story about a demon war, if that’s enough gore and horror for ya XD


Centuries after the Crash, the war-torn nation of Ells struggles to keep Rhean invaders away from its water resources as a new enemy advances on the border.

Meanwhile, 17-year-old Alex Kingsley finds herself stuck in a world of static principles and hidden truths. She dreams of joining the army like her brother before her, but Ellsian law forbids female service. Instead, girls are expected to marry young and help repopulate the nation – and more importantly, the nation’s army.

So when a tournament is held to recruit the next generation of soldiers, Alex decides she’s sick of sitting on the sidelines. Determined to make a stand, she does what she does best - she intervenes.

It’s only when the Gates fall and the truth emerges that Alex realizes there are bigger battles to be fought.