I went into my author’s dashboard on Goodreads and added the novel I just published on Amazon KDP. I provided the information they asked for: title, sorting title, ASIN, etc. The novel got added but not with the cover I uploaded to KDP.

The title is “High School Massacre” and there was already a book by that name in the Goodread’s database. But I supplied the ASIN so it should have known the specific one I was adding. And the cover seems to be one Goodreads generated.

What did I do wrong? Or what step did I miss? And how do I fix it?


Wow. That sucks. WHat you need to do is contact the librarian group that manages the uploads. I have lost my instructions for doing so, though.


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The Librarian group is really good about getting stuff done on the website. So they should be able to help you without much fuss. I love the site too, and have worked with the librarian group for a few reasons in the past.

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Can you edit the book details and then add/replace the cover there? I’m assuming you claimed it, if it’s in your author dashboard. This should be a very easy fix. You just need a file of the book cover to upload. I’ve noticed that every time I add one of my books to Goodreads I need to manually upload the cover.

That did it. I missed the uploading the cover image when I put in the details. I thought it would get it from Amazon when I put in the ASIN.


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