Got interest in Underwater Fantasy?

I have already written the rough draft on an underwater fantasy using a complete secondary world and completely original fantasy races/species. However the rough draft was my first novel, so not ready for the spotlight yet. I still need to edit it severely, but I was wondering if there was an audience for this novel or not.

  • Underwater Fantasy sounds awesome!
  • Ehh, Aquaman wasn’t bad.
  • No interest in underwater fantsy.

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Anyone here know of other aquatic or underwater fantasies they would recommend.

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An underwater fantasy sounds cool! (Although I don’t think I’ve read any.)
Just one thing, something went wrong when you made the poll so I can’t vote.

I’m never fussy about settings, so I’ll just read it. There’s an audience for every kind of story on Wattpad - unless, of course, it’s one of those advertisements that masquerade as stories.

Aquaman wasn’t my favorite, but that doesn’t mean underwater fantasy can’t be interesting or good.

Take away the water decor, and he was just superman with a tan.

I’m the exception that proves the rule. Whatever that means.

Just be sure to make it sofishticated enough.


I think I got it fixed, you can vote now.

What? How can the settings not be what sells you? I think the only thing that separates Fantasy as a genre is the setting. You set Harry Potter in a normal high school without magic and it’s genre has completely shifted.

So you don’t think there is an audience? :smile:

What do you look for in sophistication? Do you mean characters or world build wise?

So the world I created is stone age tech. I’ve gone for very low magic, all of my settings are, with just two or three magical elements, and try to build from there. The lack of fire and metal drove me nuts, especially food preservation and building materials. I like really weird creatures, like Fire Upon the Deep weird, so I tried to go with intense alien building, but that really conflicts with portraying characters, and in a setting with no humans, I sorta had to relax the strange to allow character to shine through better.

Anyway, what things would you like to see in an Underwater fantasy? For me it is the diversity of life forms, the verticality of the world, and the effects of currents and depth and darkness on the world. But if there are other things a potential audience would expect in such a book, I would like to address them.

It’d be cool if it were vaguely related to history. It’s more believable that way.

I think you misunderstood, no one mentioned sophisticated, it was sofishticated.

Shit. I want to pun back but, but it’s probably better for me to just take the L now.

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Hmm, that is a challenging notion, given how much underwater changes tech, and geography. Obviously there are no aquatic humans so the whole thing begins to separate a lot from known human experience. That being said, I was able to incorporate several mongol/ aztec/ hebrew elements in there.

Different strokes for different folks is all I can say.

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Add some depth to the story, and have it flow.

Go for 3!

That sounds really cool!
I also write underwater fantasy in the anthurage of Venice of the 15th century.
I’d love to read your novel :slight_smile:

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Re incorporating history: what I think is fun is shout-outs/references to particular myths (even if you don’t use the exact species). E.g. selkies, sirens, Charybidis…

I think underwater fantasy is lots of fun!


Mermaids or any other underwater type of book has always been a pleasure of mine to read! You tend to see more mermaid themes in young adult than in adult sadly, unless its a bad romance book! So there is a corner for such themes!