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Do you need a cover asap? look no further because…


  3. GRID
  4. MANIP

On this thread, I’ll be taking Cover requests and delivering covers quick as a lightning bolt just fill out the form below…


Type of cover: Simple/minimal/grid/manip
Color scheme:
No of Pictures (for grid only):
Anything Else?:


~ fill out the form correctly
~ complete the payment as soon as I accept, will start making the cover after the payment


leave an honest 3+ lined comment on the first chapter of my novel Ten & Levan
here’s the link:

request away!

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Hi MaybeHarleen, I’m in need of a cover for the first season of my TV series. Thank you so much for offering your services. Here is my form:

Type of cover: Simple
Subtitle: SEASON 1
Author: written by Hank Biro & Kai Biro
Ideas: Looking up from the ocean’s surface, we see the fifty-foot long neck of an aquatic monster with the head of an enormous alligator. All along its neck is armor made of bones.
Color scheme: dark green, with yellowish-white bone armor - monster + nightscape.

welcome to the community

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I love your covers!

hey there, your ideas are a bit too complex for being a simple cover, can you please suggest something simpler? How about an arms coming out from under the ocean?

thank you, would you like to request any?

How about a sealed cardboard box resting on an airport tarmac, twenty meters in front of an airplane lined with bright white lights and two bright white headlights shining at the box?

Or a person holding out both hands, in one hand a crack pipe, and the other a large stack of cash?

um, those are simply too many elements to put together in a cover and I’m afraid it will look messy. I can try using one element from the ones you suggested, maybe just the cardboard box? does that work?

Would it be possible to have the box on the darkened tarmac with bright white headlights shining over it? Without the plane.

Actually, after thinking more on it, I think having the cover be the close-up top view of a cardboard box with the tape along the seam cut open would be cool.

You’re welcome! Currently, I don’t need a cover, and I’ve also requested in other shops, and don’t want to shop-hop. If I ever do need one I’ll be sure to request here!

okay I can work with that, sorry about replying late, time zones! on it!

Cool, thank you so much :slight_smile:


Hi Harleen, could you please design the covers for the two other seasons of my TV series screenplays? I don’t know what the third will be yet, although I do have an idea for the second.

Type of cover: Simple
Subtitle: SEASON 2
Author: created by Hank Biro & Kai Biro
Ideas: A needle and syringe filled with a bright-green, glowing liquid.
Color scheme: black background, bright neon-green.

Hey, I tried the syringe on a black back ground but the needle isn’t visible against the black so I might use some other color, hope it’s alright!

Yes, that would be totally fine.

Hi Harleen, thank you so much for your help so far! I thought of a cover idea for the third season.

Type of cover: Simple
Subtitle: SEASON 3
Author: created by Hank Biro & Kai Biro
Ideas: A floppy disk with a lip-stick kiss mark on it.