Grace Resonator Archives

The archives contain a myriad of books and relics form the past, largely locked away.

Hidden Staircase

The seal is shattered. A dark staircase winds down into cobwebs…

Descend the staircase


Welcome to the archives.

The notes indicated there’s a seal left here to go down below. It’s bound by particularly powerful magic that will take some effort to remove. But be warned: things aren’t sealed for no reason. Removing something like this could attract a lot of attention.

Now then, House Ghieer has informed me they have a vested interest in this Fist of Ghieer. They have pointed out, rightfully so, that an artifact of their god should belong with their house. It is only appropriate. They have offered forth their most powerful champion, Fuka Toshi, to assist you, along with a reward.

House Uiolao is also interested in the Fist of Ghieer. Such a powerful device, they state, should be under the absolute protection of the absolute authority within the city. The Monolith is the only truly safe place for it to be and they will be able to bring it there. They have offered forth their most powerful champion, Arav Rova, to assist you, along with a reward.

I’ll let you sort out who you might want to speak with. Just let me know when you’re ready.


Hmm the seal isn’t broken. It would seem Arav’s power was not enough to break through…


Hasn’t budged. Fuka doesn’t seem to have the strength either…


It would seem that their power combined was enough. A brilliant idea!

But…this staircase could be littered with traps and old magic. I’ll close it off for now and investigate. I’ll let everyone know when it is ready.


I believe it is safe to venture inside now, nobody should have gone ahead since sealing it.

I placed cameras in the space to be certain, but it seems they failed recording on certain days. There’s been some problems with the network at the academy lately. I hope nobody violated the rules.