Grammar Tools, Good or Bad?


I know lots of folks on here use them, but I’m wondering if they do more harm than good in the long run, in that they take the place of what should be your own learning curve?

I’ve never used them, I kind of learned the hard way to hone my grammar skills.

Do you use them, and if so, would you ever give them up. If you don’t use them, what is your opinion of them?

Are they OK for those not wanting to get published? Or can a writer use them exclusively to publish?


I use them for especially commas and are/is. I can’t seem to get either to stick and people have done everything to teach me. But it doesn’t stick. So for me, they’re great at picking up something I can’t.


What are grammar tools?


On line apps or tools to help writers with grammar


Oh in that case I’m with you because I’ve never used them. Ultimately they’re all learning aids that’ll either teach you or make you complacent. I prefer, as you said, ‘the hard way’ simply because it’s easier for me.


I’ve never used them, but I’m a native English speaker with a degree in teaching English. I’m pretty famliar with most grammar and punctuation rules, and if I’m not, I love laerning about them! I think they can be useful when English isn’t your native language, but I would never recommend sole reliance on something like Grammarly. I think writers should at least learn the basics of grammar and punctuation and use Grammarly to help them double-check. For non-native English speakers especially, these tools can be invaluable.


They can be a great tool if you don’t just mindlessly hit the fix button, but actually use them to learn. They point out the issues so that you can see them and better understand the correct way. Having an editor to talk back and forth with can also be incredibly helpful if they’re a good editor.


I use my sister xD

But honestly I’ve been asking the same question. Like do they really help? hmm


I recently started using grammarly and I found it particularly helpful for double-checking, as I always find myself making clumsy mistakes when I’m in the flow of a good story. I do think you have to be careful though so as not to become complacent, looking at the options grammarly provides for corrections and why is a good way to enhance your knowledge of more complex grammar. However, relying on it on it’s own doesn’t really provide much benefit as you don’t end up learning anything. So I guess I use grammar tools more as a learning aid.