Graphic Competition! In Need of Graphic Designers and people who need any form of graphics!!


Alright so I came up with an idea to have a graphic competition on my page but instead of it just being for practice and what not, it’s actually people’s request for whatever their needs. It’s not a committed competition but it would be nice for you to be there every week to at least check out the next challenge/request.

payment if you want one will be given to you by the requestee but i suggest using a watermark on it until payment has been given.

if your interested please send me a pm, the book has not been posted yet but it will be when i get everything set up which should be in about an hour or two. You can jump in and out of the competition whenever you like.


You can find the information chapter posted on my page now, I’m looking to start at least by monday so please pm me


You can comment here or pm me if you want to participate or have a request


I’m thinking of putting a request in lmao I just don’t know for what


Take your time I don’t have any designers yet.


KK my dude


I’ll do that request! But I do traditional art


Send me a pm really quick.


I can’t find you on the app at all. Nvm.




heya i’m down to join as a designer for this


I’ll do it


Awesome! I took it down to edit some things i’m Going to put it back up tomorrow can you guys send me a pm with your payments and everything.



alright awesome


hey sorry but I couldn’t find your username at all? would it be okay if you sent over a link?


The book is down right now because I accidentally deleted the book. And I don’t have internet right now to use my laptop so expect it up either tomorrow or the next day when I go to the library


ah i see, alright