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I didn’t feel like making a fancy thread so here we are… My name is Kayla and I’m making covers, banners and picspams. I am still learning photoshop so please be patient with me. I will sometimes be picky about the graphic requests I accept due to some being too challenging for my skill level. Please keep that in mind.

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  • say please and thank you

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Title: A Christmas Baby
Subtitle: Thanks For Reading (can you put this above the title please.
Author: n/a
Theme/mood/colors: Christmas, romantic
Pictures/faceclaims: Jenna Dewan and Jason Momoa

image image
Ideas: I was thinking a living room with Christmas Tree In the background. Or presents on the ground with the main characters in front of it. Or snow in the background.



title : a life of savagery

subtitle : n/a

author : mrpuff

theme/mood/color : oranges and reds, can also be dark or bright, it’s supposed to be a western style/outlaw type book, the good the bad and the ugly-esque?

picture(s) : n/a

ideas : it can be a person on a horse or outlaw, pointing a gun, a girl on a horse, pointing a gun, honestly anything that reminds you of outlaws in the wild west baby! i’m just looking for something that tells you it’s a western type novel ya know? i’m kind of in a red dead redemption phase.


Accepted! Please complete payment as you wait for your graphic.


Is your main character male or female?


female!! :smile:


Accpted! Please complete payment as you wait for your graphic


completed payment! your story is so cute!!!



Title: Myspace is alive.
Subtitle: Thank you for reading (before the title please)
Author: Nadiiakim
Theme/mood/colors: blue and white, happy.
Pictures/faceclaims: Kim Seokjin
Ideas: The myspace logo beside the character or behind the character.


I’m already following you. Do you want me to give you the credit now or wait for the graphic?


You’re free to comment on any of my stories as payment since you’re following already! And yes, before the graphic is delivered please.


Accepted! Please complete payment as you wait for your graphic :slight_smile:


Payment completed.


[ cover ]

title: heart-shaped sunglasses

subtitle: n/a

author: taylor francis

theme/mood/colors: it’s a romance where both characters are quite deeply flawed, but the tone is still ultimately hopeful and positive - so a sort of neutral between light and dark would be perfect! maybe some pinks/reds?

ideas: I love love the “coffee crushes calculus” and “empty inside” covers, but I’m open to any style! if you use a person on the cover, I’d like it to just be the female mc, Lizzie - white, around age 20, long mid-brown hair, any fc that fits that bill is fine! if you want to incorporate the sunglasses in the title, that’s cool too! Lizzie works at a bar and does some light stalking in the book, and the bar is where she meets the male mc, Ryan, so things appropriate to that would work too! Lizzie’s really into the whole Lana Del Rey sort of aesthetic (hence the heart-shaped sunglasses) so taking inspiration from that would be perfect!



Your graphic is ready! I know this is a little different than the style you were going for, but I tried my best and I hope you like it. Please let me know if you’ll use it and don’t forget payment!



NO THAT’S AMAZING! I’M IN AWE, IT’S BEAUTIFUL! i did the payment already btw <3 but wow, you’re very talented!


Here is your graphic! I hope you like it! Please let me know if you’ll be using it :slight_smile:


Payment done


[ cover ]
Title: Poetry
Subtitle: A collection of thoughts and words
Author: Eleri Dobbins
Theme/mood/colors: I’d like it to be kinda cute, like a warm coffee shop where they’d have poetry readings and such.
In next post, sorry
Ideas: You can do literally whatever you want, and the images are just ideas. Feel free to use others or not use all the ones I provided. If you could blend the images together in some way so they don’t look choppy that would be cool. Or just have one or two images with like a crinkled paper background. Do whatever you want basically and have fun with it!