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Hi all! I plan to post graphic tutorials here since I noticed there was quite a dearth of them. I’ve been on mdc since I was 11, at the time mdc was filled with tutorials like what i’m offering which really helped me with my journey per say. Since the overhaul of forums all the previous resources have been lost but luckily i still have a lot of them and much more which I’m willing to share with you guys.

At the moment I want to have a poll and just general suggestions as to what you all want to see,

  • font and text styles
  • simple covers
  • manips
  • vector covers/ minimalism
  • colour theory, lighting, shadows and depth
  • the wonderful world of PSD’s
  • gifs galore

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I’m happen to ever cover all of these just let me know!
so you’re probably wondering, WTF makes you qualified to teach me these? Well honestly, that’s up to you, I’m not claiming to be an expert at any of these but I’m steadily improving and I think my examples speak for themselves sometimes.

The parting message I want to leave with is that you can definitely become as good as that one designer you stan, they were in the same position as you once upon a time!
It takes practise and hopefully you’ll be comfortable doing it here with feedback and critiques from your peers and some other talented designers whom you may know and love…

so now for the progress reel?
one of my first covers vs my most recent one
Sincerley Sydney_zpst7kfakfv the-woods-but-in-gif-form

okay i’m going to head out!

                                class List


                           Tutorial Archive 
  1. A Guide to Simple Covers | here
    1.5 : a comprehensive guide to masking | 60
  2. coming soon
                   'Celebrity' (immensley talented) Critquers

@blackroguex | her comp, her shopfolio
@yourlocalidiot | her shop, her tutorials
@demonglossed | his comp, his shopfolio

and much more famous faces :))

incoming shameless plug:
my shopfolio

How critiques work?

It’s an opt out system where before the next tutorial is posted I will deliver a batch of feedback and critiques from myself and the panel of critiquers. They are not aimed to discourage you at all but rather give you constructive and helpful criticisms as well as to highlight your strengths and weaknesses as a designer so you can improve!

                          Rookie Highlight Reel

for each tutorial attempted or put to use, i’ll showcase some of my and/or the other critiquer’s favourites!

how do I get featured?

for a chance to be showcased, please post your lovely designs letting me know which tutorial you incorporated or helped you!

                                Editing Softwares

Hey guys, this is mainly going to be for pc designing as it’s what I’m used to, however I will make it accesible for phone designers (I got you!)

Here are some free applications:

  1. Pixlr, aka photoshop in training, this is what I first used and it made the transition to PS so much easier. I’ll mostly be using this as i think it’s the most accessible out of all these.
  2. Gimp, free and just like PS, the interfaces are different and I’m not exactly gimp-competent but so many talented designers like @Ferret-bird use it and absolutely kill the graphic game.
  3. Photoshop CS2 , like CS6 but i guess it’s a bit outdated, I used it before CS6 and they’re virtually the same.

If you use a phone or tablet:

  1. Ibis Paint, loads of tutorials on youtube
  2. Picsart, has many of the blend options that pc editors do! They’re also many tutorial.

and if you absolutley MUST have CS6 … pm me lol, that’s all i’m saying…

                       Resource 'Masterlist' 

These are for non-commercial use, if you want to purchase them to use commercially please contact the individual designers

  1. @yourlocalidiot (Daria) : DA
  2. @blackroguex (Lexa) : DA
  3. Roseylla on DA
  4. Lilithdemoness on DA

still updating…

bump, voting closes tomorrow! So i know where to start, please comment so I know who’s actually going to use these if i make em


bumpp T-T
please vote so this doesn’t flop
and please
comment so i know who’s interested

wahhh ur so nice

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I’d be totally interested!

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Is this based on photoshop? Cause I don’t have photoshop in my device right now.

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it’s for everything, i’m going to list free websites and apps everyone can use!

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Then, i’d love to take part.

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i’d love to learn some techniques haha
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@dslix @eternitea40 yayyy! thank you guys, I was worried this would flop ;-;
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