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Hi! I really enjoy making book covers and banners and aesthetics. The only payment required would be to give me credit in the description or chapter it is used in, in your story! I’ll post a few graphics I’ve already made just to show you the kind of thing I do. It’s nothing too fancy, but I quite like how they look.

If you want me to design a book cover for you, there are a few things I’ll need.

  1. The name of your story

  2. A few inspiration pictures of how you’d like the book cover to look or the aesthetic you want it to have. Basically just give me an idea of how you want the cover of your book to look so I have something to go off of.

  3. A short description of your story

  4. The cast if you have one and you’d like them to be on the front cover

  5. A tagline for your story if you’d like that to be on the front cover as well.

  6. Author’s name (whether it’s your actual name or your username).

For banners, I’ll need:

  1. The title of your story.

  2. Author’s name if you would like that on the banner.

  3. Some inspiration pictures if you have any or an idea of what you want the banner to look like. i.e. if you want any images on the banner.

If you want aesthetics, I’ll need:

  1. The name of your character(s) that you want an aesthetic for.

  2. If you have a person that you want your person portrayed as, that would be helpful as well.

  3. The general vibe they have/ their personality/ their aesthetic if you have a specific idea.

  4. A few things details about them that could be useful e.g. their hobbies, their style, their relationship status

  5. Also, if you have a preference for what kind of aesthetic you want, let me know! (I have some that look like Instagram feeds, normal 9 images aesthetic or one that has the name of the character and shows the actor or person that plays your character)

… And that’s pretty much it. If there’s any other specific requests, just let me know! I just want to give you guys some amazing graphics for your incredible stories!


Just bumping the thread, and maybe you could add a couple of your already created works here to let your possible customers know what you are offering? All the best with the thread!

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I am so sorry it’s taken me so long to post some of my work!! I got really super busy, but here it is as promised!

Here’s some of the graphics I have made for my own books!

[quote="_pink_flamingo_09, post:1, topic:206118"]

Hey! I’d love if you could make an aesthetic for my main character :smiley:

1. The name of your character(s) Blacellus (Blace) Skyrinn
2. The general vibe they have/ their personality: Blacellus (my character) has wavy brown hair, fair skin and soft blue eyes. He is to be the next ruler after his father even though he doesn’t want to. He has had a traumatic childhood, making him an unconfident and shy teenager, and although he is an outgoing, careing and passive person, he can be ruthless and dark in times of need. He also has very strong magic-blood, giving him very powerful magic he dosen’t know how to control.
I thought I might also mention that I’d like the main colors of this aesthetic to be Navey Blue and grey :slight_smile:
3. A few things details about them that could be useful: Blace loves reading, and also loves the ocean and storms.
Also. In return for this, I’ll credit your work and give your book(s) a read if you have any. I hope to do business with you :smiley:

I would love to make an aesthetic for your character!!
Do you have an actor or someone that you want your character portrayed as? If not, that’s perfectly okay! I was just wondering what sort of aesthetic to do! :grinning:

These are so beautiful! I’ll definitely come back if I think of anything I need :heart:

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I don’t really mind, haha, as long as they have brown hair, pailish skin, freckles and blue eyes then that’s fine, and I think i’d like one of those aesthetics with six different boxes- do you know the one i mean?

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Thank you!!!

That’s perfect! I will get straight on to making it for you! :blush:

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thanks!!! :smiley:

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I love it! thanks so much! It’s amazing!

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You’re welcome! Let me know when you have it saved so I can remove it from the page to prevent anyone else from taking it and using it in their own stories. :blush:

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Oh yeah it’s saved now :smiley:

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Hi! I LOVE your designs!! Would you possibly make a book cover for me?

  1. Illegal Bucket Lists
  2. Preferably a minimalist aesthetic, no people
  3. The storyline is:
    Sam McKay and Dylan Parker don’t know each other.
    But after Dylan gets into a sticky situation and Sam is the smug stranger with an accent that comes to her rescue, Dylan thinks she never has to see him again. Until her best friend Freya takes a liking to Sam and plots to get them together, using the fact she’s sick to guilt trip them both into helping her with her bucket list.
    Is it even possible for Sam and Dylan to stop bickering, avoid Freya’s constant set ups and avoid the law as Freya’s bucket list gets more and more crazy?
  4. Danielle Williams as Dylan Parker, Zach Roerig as Sam McKay, Josephine Langford as Freya Williams.

Thank you!!!

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not to be a huge pain but I really love the last image (of the actual list), but with the first font and the pink background,… would that be possible :))

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Title: Head In the Clouds
Names: Deidre
Author Name: Mightnever

Short Summary: Deidre is a talented fighter who works at being skilled enough to join the Dommeel (her territory/ country’s) army so that she can go on an expedition with to find out how her parents disappeared on trying to find the cloud empire. On the night where everything is at stake she runs into a magic user. Since magic users have all disappeared and all magic had been forbade during the war, helping him would be the end of everything she worked for, but he may know something about her parents disappearance.

Inspiration: Maybe you can work it around these characters

Book cover please!

These are great! Can you do one where the girl’s face is on the last one similar to the first.

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Perfect! Thank you.

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@woozygal this might help