Grecious, get over here


Well, here there is no conversation topic, so maybe we’ll finally stop blaming each other for not keeping things on topic, @SirGrecious.

To anyone randomly stumbling upon this thread, please refer to topics I have been a part of if you want answers. Or I suppose you can ask one of us, not that I feel like explaining it.

So, to start with, Grecious, what is your favourite colour? Don’t judge me, I have no clue what to talk about.


Blond. Yours?


Dammit, Grecious, that is not a colour.


Yes it is. It’s your color.


It’s the colour of my hair. That doesn’t make it my colour.


So you agree it’s a color, then. And it’s my favorite. Now, what’s yours?


You are insufferable. I’ll have to say purple, but in small doses.


And you are adorable. Did you know purple and blond go well together?


I did not. I assume you are just saying that because of your preferences?


It’s a fact I learned from my artist acquaintance.


Did you now? Was she also blond?


You are very curious about her. Does it bother you that I might have had a blond before you?


No, but you keep mentioning her. And you do not have me, Grecious


Oh, I’m sorry; I’ve been insensitive to your jealous nature. Relax, don’t get feisty. We don’t need to say it to know it.


You did not just call me feisty, Grecious.


I did, and you are.


I am not. Do I look like a teenage girl in a stupid action movie to you?


No, you’re much prettier.


Don’t call me pretty.


It doesn’t diminish your masculinity in the slightest. And it’s the best word for you; don’t be sexist.