Grecious, get over here


I very well realize that most everyone enjoys the drama. But it does beg the question why Grecious’ previous threads died.


Perhaps because no one felt the compulsive urge to keep them going? Or because of the constant chastising that it was drifting off-topic? What do you think?


Oh lord. I found (stalked for it, really) the thread where it all began.


Perhaps the long, sometimes confusing topics were the reason?


Ah yes, good work.


Likely. It certainly was difficult to keep up with things.


I do feel a bit bad about it, though. Both of those topics were quite interesting.


Bad enough to revive them? That would certainly add to the confusion of all of this, but I’m sure it’d be appreciated.


Maybe later. I can’t possibly keep up with two threads at once.

Did you really just read that whole exchange?


I’m sure you could manage.

Of course. And grinned immensely the entire time. You’ve certainly contradicted many statements since then. Look how far this has come–in just a little less than a month. I’m quite content with that meeting.


Yes, I have to admit our attitudes have changed since then.

…Particularly mine. I need to work on my defenses more.


I’m sure ‘Gracious’ would be willing to lend you his very own chain mail. He wouldn’t make you pay for it either, since you are not inclined to doing so.


No chain mail can protect me from Grecious’ talent of irritating me.


Now this is the line that will leave him thrilled. My, my.


How is that thrilling?


It’s nearly as good as a straight-up confession. I don’t believe you’ve put that into simple words yet–but with the drift of things, I don’t think it’s quite fitting.


What a strange, strange situation I found myself in if complimenting someone’s ability to irritate me counts as a confession.


Have you only just come to that conclusion? With you, anyone would be inclined to twist anything you say into a confession.


It only now fully hit me. And yes, that is unfortunately true.


For your sake, I’ll believe that was typed with sarcasm. Are you opposed to that fact? It will leave things for misinterpretation and encourage words to be spoken on your behalf. I’m sure you’d love that.