Grecious, get over here


Words will be spoken on my behalf no matter what I do.


Ah, true. Have you made peace with that?


I have, along with many other things in this thread. Such as the shipping.


I watch both kpop and kdrama but I also speak a little bit of korean if that’s what you’re asking.


I’ll gladly applaud that.


Which part?


Hi friend!!! How are you?! :smile::smile::smile:


The whole lot of it.


Your enthusiasm worries me.


But thank you for asking. I am just as exasperated as ever.


:confused: Oh ok. I was just excited to see you up and active on a thread. I’ll chill out a little if that makes you more comfortable.


No, please. Don’t ‘chill out’ on his account.


As long as that is all it is, I see no problem with it.


Thanks for that.


Oh okay. I had a lot of people think I’m weird because I have high moods. It kind of freaks them out so I always have to ask. :sweat_smile:


Okay! And yes, only excitement. I’m rarely not excited. Life is exciting! :grin:


I think it has to do with the use of three exclamation points. No worries.


Fascinating. Hardly ever in my life did I think the same thing. Good for you.


Oh ahahahahaa. Yeahhhhhhhh. I forget. Three is a lot.


You clearly need to hang out more with me. We’ll drive fast, go repelling down cliff sides, go cliff jumping, swimming, we’d have lots of fun!