Grecious, get over here


I… have no idea what to say to that. Thank you for the offer, nonetheless.


I’m joking. :joy::joy::joy: I haven’t done that stuff since I was a kid. If you hung out with me it would probably be reading books and watching movies. But you’re totally welcome.


Oh, good, I was a little concerned. This alternative sounds much better to me.


Yeah. No. My dad used to train with swat and navy seal members. I got to do a lot of that stuff when I was young and I know that it’s a little extreme for people who aren’t used to it, so I’d never drag you to do something like that unless you were 100% sure. That kind of stuff is a little intense. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Besides. Chilling is fun too! I like watching movies and having good conversation.


Are you joking right now or not? I can’t tell. If you aren’t, please accept my sympathy.

I would have to agree, but I’m not sure you will find something such as good conversation here.

  1. Nope I’m being completely serious. I can repel down a 120 ft cliff in 7 seconds and none of my brothers have my marksmanship in my family. I’m like a fire-arms prodigy.

  2. I think it’s badass and who needs sympathy? O.o I’m not afraid of anything beause of how I grew up. :sunglasses:

  3. You’re an excellent conversationalist! What the hell are you talking about! I’m having the time of my life over here!


Your positive worldview is something I’ll never understand, but I’m glad you are having fun.


See, that’s what makes this conversation interesting! You don’t understand me, I don’t understand you! That’s interesting! And I’m sure that the only reason why I can have fun 24/7 is because I have a very, very, very broad definition of what fun is.




Hi friend! :smile:


This is usually the reason people fight. Your take on it is most refreshing.






What r u doing??


As well as ever. How about you?


If I could have anyone super power, it would be that I could see things from the way other people see them so I could understand them. That’s the only super power I’ve ever wanted. I think people’s minds, the way they think, what they value, the way they interact is all just so fascinating!

If talking face to face didn’t exhaust me, all I’d do is go around talking to people every day.

(Also, a lot of this probably has to do with the fact that I’m defined as INFJ, or the Mediator. I’ve never really had a serious fight with my friends or family… I just don’t see the value in fighting. It scares me more than helps me.)


Same. Eh. I have a cold :sob:


Heyo! I’ve never talked to you before! whatcha up to?


I’m in the middle of my singing lesson


O.o Wow! You’re talented if you can type on a thread and sing!