Grecious, get over here


I mean i can sing but like classical


Classical singing? I’m sorry. I’m afraid I don’t know much about singing. I love music, but I don’t know much about it. :sweat_smile:


Everything you say makes me rethink life itself.

I have done that personality test as well, but I hear it’s not very accurate. But to be honest, I didn’t care enough to look into it.


I cant type on a thread. I wish i could


It’s accurate for some. Not accurate for all. A lot of it has to do with the ambivalence one has concerning their own personality traits. Since most people are inclined to change, their personality traits will change over the years as well. Unfortunately, I’ve taken it a couple times and it’s never changed. Plus all of my friends agree with it. If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s understanding enough to fix a problem.

And seriously? I’m making you rethink all of life? I mean. I guess life deserves to be rethought every once in a while because that’s how we add depth and texture to our life but uh… idk! I’ve never had someone tell me that they rethought their life because of me. Usually, most people just ask if they can quote me. :sweat_smile:


I mean like I can sing like english but I’m decent. That’s my opinion


“Decent”, she says. “Decent”. Do I need to travel all the way to wherever your singing lessons are to tell you that you are more than “Decent”?


Hm, I suppose that makes sense. And most people I know did confirm that the Executive fits me, so I suppose I will have to accept that.

And yes, most of what you say is quotable. I would ask as well if I made a habit of borrowing the words of others.


Thanx. A lot.I really appreciate it. No one but my family have ever heard me. I get scared to sing in front of others


where in the world r u anyway


I’d have to agree with them as well. :joy::joy::joy: You really do match that.

And thanks, I guess. I’m pretty sure that if you’d cut me, I’d bleed poetry. It also probably has a lot do with the fact that I poisoned myself when I was younger by drinking pen ink so I might be taking the whole “writing is in my blood” thing a little too far.


I’m sure that’s how that works.


I am sitting in the center of Satan’s ass crack where the sun doesn’t stop shinning–the deserts of Utah. And trust me. Being “bad” or “decent” is momentary. If it’s something you truly care about, then you’ll be fine regardless of what you do.

And finally, let yourself be who you are. I sing in front of my family 24/7 and they usually tell me to shut up and that I sound like a dying chicken but you know what, that’s okay. My soul needs to sing. And so does yours. If you don’t feel comfortable with it, that only means that it has value to you and that you want people to respect it. It doesn’t make you a coward in anyway.


Yeah, well. I was five. And I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to drink pen ink. :joy::joy::joy:


Thanx. That means so much.


You’re welcome! Also, honey if you got a cold you’re gonna lose ya voice. Don’t forget to be eating those honey things. thinks about all other foods that are supposed to help with a cold and realizes that I literally know nothing And don’t forget to be eating those honey things! XD


You are just oozing positivity. This is so fascinating to me.


Hell yes I am! The world is such a dark place. I don’t want it to get any darker.


Fair enough. I was just being sarcastic though. And quite unnecessarily, now that I think about it. Apologies.


I believe that would be another quote.