Grecious, get over here


I snows here. But like once in 2 yrs and when it does snow. u have to where like 10 layers of clothing




well i like my winter clothes


Take your time.




the lowest temperature here is like 6-7 degree celcius


Dats not bad. its like 2 or 3 degrees here


thats cold


Yh. But still now snow!!! :sob::rage:


pay 1000 and visit snow city :rofl:


I’d love too !!! :tada:


well that place stinks woman


Snow City???






@EverestNeverlynn I swear u’ve been ‘replying’ for so long :joy:


its better if you play with the ice cubes in your freezer than to go to snow city




Keep in mind, profiling is mostly educated guesswork or deduction. It’s not the most solid information ever but it’s as solid as it’s going to be. There are a few things that tip me off when I go into a conversation with someone as to what kind of person they will be. Things like humor, the way they interact, the words they use, how they use them, punctuation, etc. I then use statistics and just random tid bits of information I know to pick up on someone’s personality.

Statistically, people with higher education tend to have a darker outlook on the total perspective on life but in general, are less likely to rude, insulting, brash, abrasive, etc. Essentially, they see the darkness in the world but are not attempting to become the darkness of the world. Now you’d take things that would support this and things that show higher education. For example, you’re very punctual. You value good grammar/language (even though you contribute much of it to your family). If this were the only factor, that would not be a problem. But then you’re also using complex words and concepts.

This would easily fit you into the “intelligent” category of that statistic. Then you add in the slightly dark, yet not entirely hopeless part…

(This also fits the mold as it is a sarcastic humor which that alone takes intelligence to understand.) So clearly sarcastic but also, a tiny bit not, you fit into the mold of highly intelligent, slightly darker personality but not entirely lost of hope.

Which would easily translate into: realist. You see both the positives and negatives of a situation. Therefore, you cannot, by definition, be a pessimist even if you were to try because your heart and your mind are in conflict with one another. Your heart says: I want to believe humans are capable and better than they are portrayed. Your brain says: There’s a lot of truth to the way that humans are portrayed and that I can’t expect much better from them.

That also says a lot about your personality and ties back into what makes you an Executive, per se. The Executive thing was a dead give away, especially since you agree with it even at a minor level.

I could go on about your personality but I’d rather not. It will get personal at some point and that’s not my intent. I’d rather you keep the personal things to yourself and only share them when you feel comfortable.


Sorrrryyyy. I’m a complex person with complex replies.