Grecious, get over here


Paying money to feel snow is ridiculous. I can feel snow if I crush up some ice.


Tried that before. Doesn’t feel like snow at all.


Then why the hell they be calling it a “snow cone”? XD


It’s close, but it’s not fluffy enough.


Trueeeeeee. I’ll give you that point. Snow looks like it could suffocate me. Snow cones look like I’m going to eat them. Hardly the same thing.


I can’t believe you typed all of that out, but know that I very much appreciate it. This is definitely a post I need to award with a like, if only for the time you spent on it. There is much more that deserves appreciation, though, of course.


suffocate? Heck No! I would sleep in snow if I could.


Lol. I’m uh… what’s the term? Lazer-focused. I don’t do anything halfway. And you don’t have to appreciate it if you don’t want to. It’s just profiling and profiling is a tricky thing. Also, I didn’t want to explain it and have you go: um… ok?


Oh, no suffocation. Okay then. How about dying by being buried alive? :joy::joy::joy: And me too. I’d sleep in snow if I could.


Now that would be a good way to show off my intelligence.


If I had to die by nature, I would choose being buried by snow. Painful, but comfortable?


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I doubt you actually would’ve said that. I was trying to imagine what you would think. Was I close? Obviously I’m getting the feeling that I’m not… but still.


Its fine>


You were right on point.


Comfortable? Probably not. Terrifying and worse than being buried alive by dirt? Probably. When you breathe in dirt it will coat your lungs making it harder and harder to breathe until you ultimately and quickly suffocate. Snow won’t do that. It will melt and it will refresh you while killing you. You’re more likely to die from CO2 poisoning or freezing to death under snow. There’s a reason why people can hunt people down during avalanches. It takes you some time to die.


You forgot to add on “It’s fine because you’re fine.”


I WAS?! :scream::scream::scream:


I’m so confused what u guys r talking about?


Well, that is truly uplifting. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to imagine this.


dances around my room YES!!!