Grecious, get over here


Clearly you are keeping it alive. I could be sarcastic but the things I’m sarcastic about will probably make you think I’m some sort of serial killer so I’m attempting to keep it down. At least until some people know me better.


I try, but this is nothing like it used to be. At one point, an ambassador came in to tell us to tone it down. I’m not sure if that is impressive or not, but it did happen.

Perhaps all you need to do is put up a warning first that you are not in fact a murderer during your off-time.


Honestly, same. I used to be on the forums back before they changed them and uhhhhhhhh… It was all a joke but we were all flirting and the staff thought it was one huge lesbian porno thing so it got shut down after a week. :joy::joy::joy:

And why would I want to warn them? 1. I’ve learned how to get away with murder and I’m rather proud about that and 2. I prefer people thinking I’m deadly. Gotta keep up my reputation as Queen of Hell, Satan, and The Spawn of the Devil.


I’ll pretend I didn’t laugh at that.

There is something wrong with this. You can’t be all of that. Unless you are suggesting there is such a thing as an Unholy Trinity. Though I’ll admit I am not exactly a religious person.


No. That’s just the things people call me. My friends called me “Satan” my parents called me “The Spawn of the Devil” and my online friends called me “Queen of Hell”.

And laughhhhh. It’s supposed to be funny. :joy::joy::joy: I have a hilarious life.


How nice. I’m sensing a theme.


Well, it started when I was born. My parents said I was the worst child they had ever had. All I did was scream and cry and they called me the baby from hell, etc. It kind of hurt when I grew up because they kept calling me that stuff and I realized that the only way to make it stop hurting was to take my insecurities and sharpen them into a sword. So uh, now being the Queen of Hell, commander of Darkness is officially my thing. :roll_eyes::smirk:


I’ll just once again appreciate your worldview. :+1:


And once again, I will just appreciate you. Thank you, you clever human being.


I’m not clever enough to be called that.



Whatever you say, clever human.

Random guess time!: You’re 24.

Am I right? Can you guess how old I am? XD


Oh, no, I don’t like guessing the age of others. It usually doesn’t end well. But I am 43. I will take your guess as a compliment.


Hm. You speak like someone young. I would’ve never guessed. And whoop whoop. That’s okay. It’s really difficult to guess the ages of others, even when you’re more aware of things.


Do I? I’ve been asked what era I am from a while back. I would assume that means I do not in fact speak like a younger person.


No no. Not the phrasing you use. The ideology I guess. You see things in a younger light, or in a controlled light. How do I explain it without sounding rude…? Most teenagers/young adults have solid concepts of who they are and what their place is in the world not because they actually know but because they’ve been told. Concepts that change their ideology or their beliefs, are barely being introduced to them at that age. So when I say that I thought you were younger, it’s because 1. The average user of Wattpad is 18.5 and 2. Because you have enough confidence in yourself and your actions that new ways to think about things surprise you. None of it’s based off the way that you actually speak.

(And I think the whole punctuation thing is officially making a comeback. At least for those who are inclined to be more intelligent than others. My Ex (boyfriend? Idk what to call him other than asshole) was highly punctual, went to MIT, the whole shabang. He was like that as well.)


I see. I don’t know what to do with this. You seem to have a knack for making me speechless. Grecious could learn a lot from you.


Well, I’m a smart cookie. It comes with the territory. :joy::joy::joy: Also, is Grecious your best friend?


You definitely are. And I am honestly unsure as to what I would call him. ‘Best friend’ is too platonic, though.


Partner in crime? Friends with benefits? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I like ‘partner in crime’. The crime of not following the community guidelines.