Grecious, get over here


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I am deceased. :skull::skull::skull::ghost::ghost::ghost:


Don’t overdo it with the emojis, each one used increases my blood pressure.


Did you just give me the quickest way to kill you…? O.o Boi that was a dumb move.


Go on, do it then. I’m waiting.




You made my eye twitch, but I am still alive, I’m afraid.


Nicely organized. But I do despise there is only one poop emoji


There is only one because that is me, and there is only one of me.


Oh, no, I didn’t notice that before. Now it will bother me even more.


Gosh diddly darnit.


Be bothered. I am bothersome.


You are not.


goes to say something depressing about how every single one of my ex-friends say so

realizes that I am a happy panda because they got what they deserved

You right.


I want to ask what that is about, but I think I’d prefer this to be a mystery.


It’s my serial killer humor!


Ugh I have to put on real pants. My life is hard


Honestly, same. I can relate.


Is it humor if it’s more confusing than funny?


It’s not meant to be funny. What I find funny is your reactions to it. :rofl::rofl::rofl: Maybe I’m sadistic but I love confusing the hell out of people.


So it isn’t humor then. But I can respect that. I myself enjoy making people I dislike feel stupid.