Grecious, get over here


It’s humor to me. But yes. That would be correct. And wow. You’re selective. I just confuse everyone. It makes them less inclined to come to me asking for me to fix their life problems. (My answers recently have come to: body bag. And clearly they are not happy with it so neither am I.)


Hm, clever. Though I feel like that would make people more disturbed than confused.


The people who stick around know me well enough to tell when I’m joking. The ones who don’t can feel as disturbed as they like. I don’t have enough time or energy to care about their opinions.


How beautifully practical.


Survival is key. Pragmatism is a necessity.


This should be the subtitle of a YA dystopian book.


Or the subtitle of my life. Honestly, I have never seen a teacher get more speechless and angry in their life when I told them that their work wasn’t the necessity of my life. I feel like I should start saying that more often, just to different people. :thinking: I’d probably piss a whole bunch of people off. XD


Well, to be fair, there are a lot of people who would take that very personally. So definitely go right ahead.


Of course I won’t. I’m far too polite for that. But I’ll think it all the way. :joy::joy::joy:


What a shame. I definitely support your good manners.


Have you ever had a thread die on you from natural causes?


My bad manners would affect more than myself, and that’s what I have a problem with. To explain things in a short timely manner, I’m like an heiress. My whole life is tied to a large company and I’m the face of it. Anything that I do wrong will multiply rapidly. Therefore, if I wanted to burn my whole family, I could do that. And then reap the consequences.


What are natural causes for a thread?


Well, that is a rather drastic example.


Reaching 10k posts.


Then no. The only other thread I started is one in the feedback section. I somehow doubt that happens to threads there.


I see. What about the Grecious chronicles?

I’m simply curious becsue we’re already at 2k, nearly 3, and if we don’t get shut down by a mod then 10k might be possible


‘The Grecious Chronicles’? That is such a lovely name.

I think both of his threads died around 1K posts? I’m not sure right now. We shall see how long this one lives.


Thank you.
I see, yes. There’s something satisfying about a ‘complete’ thread.


Is it? I suppose I will have to wait and see, then. Though given the fact that this thread has no topic, I don’t think it will ever seem ‘complete’ to me.