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Hello! Welcome to my ask thread! I’m Greeky!

So awhile back, back when the forums were on the other site, there was this wave of ask threads and I never made one so.... TADA. (More like I wanted to make my own thread (topic) and I asked Astro (@astarius) what type of thread I should make and she wanted an ask thread xD

So… Ask me things!
*Disclaimer – I reserve the right to not answer any question I don’t want to answer.

Also this thread will probably die so it’ll turn into my spam thread :v:

Also I love Stitch so here is some Stitch!

Also I have a lot of tests I’m studying for so rip meeeee (if i don’t answer right away)

Tagging @astarius cause she wanted to be tagged ^.^

Oh and this is such a cool gif (i love gifs)

also cause @CataclysmXx said to…


Pillow Fort Party

Do you like BLUE or RED?

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(i need to save this for later)

Hullo! This is a random thread where I can store all my lovely GIFs. Please feel free to share some of your favorite GIFs if you wish!

Also this is a place I can practice my coding once in awhile xD

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What is your Zodiac sign, and do you think you fit the astrological stereotype?

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And well… In some parts I do and some I don’t xD

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liar~ D:

What is your most embarrassing story? :open_mouth: !

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Well I like blue too… it just… RED

ooooo hard one… um… let see… Once I was doing this trust fall like exercise where people had to lift me over a wall and well I fell back and they had to catch me…

there’s also other stories …

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ooooh tell me more! :open_mouth:

want to hear my recent embarrassing story? xD


So longggggg time ago I fell jump roping in front of some people that i knew and now i have bump on my head because it



that’s not embarrassing greeky o.o

One time, the bus I was on suddenly went full stop. I was sitting on an aisle seat. So when it did that, I… somehow flew from my seat and dived onto the floor. It wasn’t just me tho, there were like other three ppl who was in the same situation​:joy: So my brain my like “oh shetttt this is dangerous” and immediately got up and sat on the seat I was earlier on. people were staring worriedly at me, even friends I was with, and for some odd reason I burst laughing. I was laughing so hard, I kept saying sorry to them bc I was laughing :joy: it was really embarrassing but I couldn’t stop laughing. then other ppl sitting near me started laughing BECAUSE I was laughing.

it was truly embarrassing bc those friends were from my previous job, and now, they tend to talk about that scenario :sob::joy:


I fell in front of my crush at that time… (forgot to add that xD)

OMG :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I remember one time in elementary school these air force vets came around to give my class a talk (they were black, which comes in later). I was in like 3rd grade at the time. I was also a huge jokester. So they said “our duty is to protect and serve” so i said “serve us what? Chicken?” because haha punz.

I got in massive trouble for that and spent the day in what was essentially ISS. I was so confused like “what did i do wrong?” and they said “You weren’t saying chicken because of the color of their skin?

I was like ohhhh god nooooooooo! That had never crossed my mind! X_X

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hehe yeah my Asperger’s have provided me with quite the assortment of embarrassing but funny stories

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What’s cuter bunnies or pandas?



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PANDAS (i’m sowwy!)


It’s okay XD my daughter ish very coot

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I didn’t know panda was your daughter o-o

(I don’t know wp families xD)


um like none of the above? dragons ftw :roll_eyes:

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