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it’s okay, mothers do this to brag to their friends

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Ahh. Yes brag to your friends :joy: Your twins are a doctor and lawyer. You’ll be the envy of all Asain mothers

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Yes XDDD they will not be able to compete with the shining honour my family brings

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Nope :grimacing: :joy::joy::joy::joy: No competition. I make my mother proud also my father

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Yes, he brags about how powerful his sprem is often

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Knowing Vincent I believe it. :joy:

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XDD especially on the birthday messages

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That he does!

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wellllllllllll it’s always exam season o-o

so yes? xD I have one next week & have to do one tomorrow & just took one the other day.

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oh lumi is becoming a doctor? cool!

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XDDDD I miss him


Dx what kinda backwards place you go to?


Maaaybe. :man_shrugging:

I like the idea of being a coroner.

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a horrible one xD

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I pray for you v.v

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Oh cool! That would be an interesting job!

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thank ya thank ya. I need it xD

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Yes, need all the good luck charms too

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My bosses husband is a cornoner. He got drunk and I was buzzed, so he started to share funeral stories with me after oarenting me.

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