Greeky's Domain 🦖


XD sounds like a party guy


@GreekMyth So, what was that about wanting to save my code? :thinking:


He’s great.


Hi Lumi




Oh they’ve been talking about using me to be Miss Songkran since the girl that’s supposed to do it may not make it due to travel issues


How goes it today?


Oh jeez. You’ve already done it twice.


Yeah DX they screw up my make up badly T-T


Woke up late, didn’t do much, typical vacation day.



Ooof. Sounds gross.


I got up at 5:30, went to work got off at 16:00. Also help influence someone getting fired.


Yeah, I’m prob gonna message a family friend’s daughter since it’s said that she’s in consideration too and she already did it once


It all just seems like too much work


Songkran is a huge celebration tbh


I see. I don’t know a lot about Buddahism, or anything of that nature.


Nice. Sounds very productive.

I woke up past noon. :joy:


Can’t your sister do it though?


Family friend said her sister agreed but then quickly told me her sister didn’t. Complaining about not being independent on that day now


She did it already, they aren’t a huge fan on her acne