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XD it’s fine it’s not huge in the west

And my mom claims we’re Catholic anyways

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It was a pretty productive day. Nothing wrong with sleeping past noon :joy:

Im a morning person anyways XD

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Religion and churches are not things im a huge fan of. I told off a pastors daughter once.

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Heh, I guess, but classes start Monday again.

I stayed up way too late last night. :joy:

I work better at night.


My spring break was two weeks ago. Even when I stay up late Im up before noon. I work best up until midnight tbh.

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Oh yes, I remember this story XD

I only like going to temple since there’s a potluck and water fights. When a girl is Miss Songkran, they have no control on their hair and make up and it’s suffocating

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…fucking phone and ridding my negatives


That’s so early!

Spring Break is supposed to be in Spring. :joy:

Really? How??? I always binge sleep.

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I’m weirdly energetic after midnight.


That seems over stimulating, and annoying all in one. Very suffocating. Pot lucks are good.

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flashes back to my discord PM’s

I can tell


Yeah its mass chaos on those days

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Massive night owl. :joy:

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:woman_shrugging: I’ve always been this way. I think going to work with my dad when I was a kid helped with it. I bust butt all day then about five I quit and do nothing for the rest of the night.

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Surprised for you to say that since you tend to sleep early XD


That makes sense.


Once I hit like 1 Am im the nergizer bunny

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Very contradictory, huh?

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I believe it.

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Very XD