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It really sucked in the summer. When I would do back to back, Work 15:30-20:00 then be back at 7:00-15:30


Also, most of the stuff I save is basic stuff or from the example thing on the β€œhow to code” thread.


Well, you never asked for my permission. :man_shrugging:


I’ve noticed my kinds tired tonight


Maybe you need some extra sleep tonight o.


Saving examples is fine as long as the code is obviously shown like uh… in this format:


Otherwise, you need to ask.


Yikes, but you survived, so good on you!


Ive been up for aout 17 hours today, and walked quite a few miles today at work.


That sounds like a lot DX you def need rest


Aha Thank you! I paid well. Thats for sure,


Meh. Another hour and a half wont hurt im doing a study guide for school right now.


Okey, make sure you get enough rest


Well, may I save your code?


I will, mom. It’s only going on to 10




No, but I can teach you to make your own.


Or earlier.




I worked very hard to learn coding.

So, it’s an insult to me when others want to steal it.


XD as long as you take care of yourself