Greeky's Domain 🦖


I understand (:

I’d feel the same way.

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No worries I am. XD Both my mental and physical health lately.


Good daughter

I just tripped over my bag rn

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Well, I can teach you if you want.

That’s about all I’m willing to offer.

I’m too lazy to run an html thread shop.

If I had a html thread shop, you’d be able to order code from me and be able to use it for anything you want.


Dx ouchy

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Haha, well I don’t have the time rn but I might take you up on that offer later.

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I bet. I was a pupper. Ill do the study guide tomorrow

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XDDD okay, it’s up to you


What’s the study guide on?

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Ah at least you get study guides :joy: my a&p professor doesn’t give out study guides sadly.

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A&P are completely desperate at my college xD

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why must i take this exam?


i’m too tired to take it


i can’t make my brain work right now




my essay already has an argumentative tone to it though

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