Greeky's Domain 🦖


He’s more brown then red. Where Sasha is more red


is it due soon?

noooo do it ! get it over with!

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Due in a week xD


so I did my exam… & i got a question wrong… but it’s not wrong?


I put the answer the book gave me, which was word for word. & I got it wrong…


wellll no rush… but still get it over with xD

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Can you show it to the teach/prof? With the book?


She’s such a sweetie. I hope to own a horse as sweet as her one day


I’ll probably take it again & if I get the same question “wrong” I’ll show them tomorrow in class.

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Aw!! Horses are great!

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I have a test on Tuesday so I have to read an article for the first time so I can actually write about it in the essay portion


Ah, good plan cx

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Ahhh good luck!

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They are. Do you ride?

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I used to a lot but not lately. I should be starting again this summer, we are going to try to get one of ours more ride able. She’s still green.

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Hopefully it all works out xD

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Yeah, good luck with that :hearts:

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Gotcha. Western or English. I just started this is my third lesson

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Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

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Western, you?

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