Greeky's Domain 🦖


I don’t want to take my midterm until I reveiw everything


That makes sense


Brain plz shut off and let me sleep


I wish I could pull off wearing hats.

I always look dumb when I wear them… Or I look like a boy… o-o


I used to hate wearing my hair up with out bangs…

but i’ve gotten better about not worrying about that…


I’ve found I actually like longer bangs than short ones.


also I want to cut my hair

but at the same time I don’t


I think I figured out a topic for my paper.

Now to try and divide it into 9 sub-topics


somedays I just wanna punch her in her face

fuck you


I’m sorry ;^;


this still exists o.o


Yus it does o-o


How’s ya been doin?


Going good!



Are you on summer break yet or nah?

I’m okay. I wanna watch smth but idk what o.o


Sadly no, 3 more weeks!

<3 watched everything? :joy:


too long ;-; but oh well

hmm not really xD just dont want to watch the shows im currently watching. i want to pile up episodes and then binge them o.o


yesssssss I’m just going through this day by day XD

Ahhh I feel that xD


are you on lunch break? o.o?

the day feels so slow when you got nothing to do ;^;
actually iys midnight now o.o’


between classes rn

It doessssss or when you have stuff to do but are procrastinating XD (me)

iys? hm?

also I see you making a new thread o-o