Greetings to All!

Hello everyone!

I’ve been using Wattpad for quite a while now but have been slacking in terms of the community, so I wanted to pop on here and introduce myself and invite anyone else to do the same :smiley:

My name is Emily! I’m 29, residing in the state of WA :cloud_with_rain: I’ve got a yellow lab puppy, spend most of my free time writing, reading or woodburning. Also dabble in paranormal investigation when I get the opportunity :sweat_smile: Horror is one of my biggest passions as well. Currently work a day job at an HVAC company and it is not my favorite thing, haha, but it pays the bills.

hope to talk to some of ya’ll :heart:


Welcome! I’m pretty new to the forums as well :slightly_smiling_face:

I love that paranormal investigation is something a person can ‘dabble in’. It sounds like such a serious and involved thing!


Hello and welcome! :smiley:

My name is Bells and I’m 20 - soon to be 21 - living in Australia :sunny: I’m currently traveling the country with my boyfriend, working interesting jobs here and there and I’ve been off and on Wattpad since I was 14! I love reading, writing, hiking and creating music and have been dreaming to travel to South America for a very long time!

p.s paranormal investigation sounds very intriguing and horror is also a favourite of mine!

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I need a fleppin drink. Too bad I’m 16…

Hi :slight_smile: I am new here, and to be honest, don’t really know how to navigate the community side of things. So, I will be doing some lurking and hopefully learning from the pros.

My name is Kayleigh, I’m 25, I live in England, UK and I have a hamster (who has her own facebook/instagram page because I’m one of those people haha.

Unfortunately I am unable to work currently due to some MH issues, however I am really enjoying getting back into writing for the fun of it. I had severe writer’s block for many years so it’s been really nice.

I am OBSESSED with the vampire diaries, to an almost embarassing degree haha. I never liked the vampire genre before but I sort of stumbled across it. It’s been great fun seeing other peoples’ takes on it, and I’ve been enjoying doing it too. Otherwise my interests mostly revolve around animals. I like a good action movie and comedy too.

Fingers crossed I get the hang of all of this soon, but in the meantime, I look forward to getting to know people and reading their stories. :slight_smile:


my dog has an Instagram too LOL I’m one of those people too I suppose

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the best kinds of people clearly lol!

I’m also obsessed with vampire diaries. Have you started the spin off?

No not yet!! I really need to haha, I’m rewatching for the second time which I started immediately after finishing hahaha. I need to try and fit in TO soon, I’ve heard great things. My time has been pretty much consumed by writing my TVD fanfic, binging past episodes again and trying to maintain a social life, but I’ll get there in the end haha!

Oh it’s good. Not as good as TVD but close behind. I’m on the last two episodes and I honestly can’t watch it, it’s just nerve racking :joy:

Dabbling in paranormal investigation sounds like one hell of a side gig!