Griese's Terrible Paint Drawings: The Revival

Hey it’s me again, The Griese! You all probably don’t remember but I make awful Microsoft Paint drawings and a while back @AllThingsPI and @crimson_mystery_cake convinced me to make a thread where I make them for people. I lost that thread when the forums switched and lost my list of requests with it, sadly, so those of you who were waiting if you still remember your requests please remind me because I wanna try this again!

Basically just if you want me to draw you something just let me know (1) what you want drawn, (2) how many characters are involved and what they look like (very very basic), and (3) anything else you feel I might need to know! I’ll get it done as soon as I can!

Here is an album of previous examples along with a short explanation on each one of them to give you an idea of what it is I do:

anyway the cost of getting these done is $6 per character pay in cash pls

I’m absolutely kidding but if you wanted to thank me by reading Inksmiths and leaving your critiques I would not be mad.

  1. Draw WYCS being bad parents pls

  2. Whomever you think is necessary + some rendering of characters screaming in the background or something to indicate just how bad we are as parents

  3. This should be the new header for WYCS

I already read Inksmiths but I’ll read it again

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I will fit as many possible bad parents as I can into this it might take a while but I don’t care.

You need like… Cake just being Cake, you just… Everything ever your poor children, me screaming at Ruby, Dani torturing Negito, you know the usual things that happen all the time

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Yes of course those are requirements.

If any other WYCSlings would like to make specific requests of themselves being in this mess please let me know I’ll accommodate every one of you

Hello! :smile: I’ve moved your thread to the #mdc as it fits that club more :smile:

Thanks for understanding!

Kay - Community Ambassador :xkaydotx:

No problem, thank you! I honestly wasn’t sure where to stick this but I think I remember it ending up in the MDC last time too so oopsy daisy on my part

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the answer is yes and I did it first since the other one will take longer and more people might want to get in on it

hopefully the atrocity of the words makes up for the fact that the fox emblem isn’t the worst I could do


It’s perfect

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i aim to please

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Who are you?


Pl0x draw sexi anime Gru with big Bobs thmx


Griese O Griese plz culd u drawe a pic of m’boi Jamson??? Jammie dodger hittin’ a sweet dab??

lol just kidding about the dab but uhh srsly if you wanted to draw some skinny weirdo with freckles and goggles and an air of complete panic that kinda looks like this picture I’d love art from you because I think you’re cool

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Xeno I hope you realize the power you have just given me

I’ll probably draw a real legitimate Good Jamie because he’s my son and I love him with all my heart and soul but you are giving me permission to draw the Worst Jameson Of All Time and I hope you understand this



i got you don’t worry fam

Whatever it is I’ll love it because a) it’s from you and b) it’s of my sun and yes I said sun and not son because he is The Light Of My Life

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I have a new suggestion and it is Puzzlewuff as Thanos thanks Cake

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in that case be prepared for the Best Worst Drawing of Jameson Ever

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consider it done

pls draw a goat ty