Group Members needed!! ^~^ *open*


Hello there! Hope you are having a great day, and that you wouldn’t mind wanting to join a fun group of people who want to bring an amazing story to life.

Do I want a co-writer or writing buddy: We are looking for about 3 co-writers for a story we are writing. If the first book goes well, we may end up turning it into a series or trilogy.

Genres I read: Romance, Fantasy, Sci-Fiction, Horror, and Mystery

Genres I write: I mostly focus on Romance and Fantasy. I have also written some Horror and Sci-Fiction

What is expected of my buddy/co-writer: You must be able to understand and write in English. You must be able to have access to google docs, and have/be willing to get a slack account. You must be able to spend at least 2 hours once a week (probably the weekend) so we can all make sure the writing goes smoothly.

Brief summary of my current story (if applicable): Filgrove was thought to be one of the safest towns in the tri-state area. But when a student is brutally murdered on the grounds of the time high school, fear, paranoia, and betrayal run ravid throughout the town. With no possible leads towards solving the mystery, all hope is thought to be lost. That is, until tragedy strikes again. And again. At the center of the scandal are seven students–seven suspects, each with a stake to the crime. In the midst of such an unprecedented bloodshed, one question continues to haunt the citizens of Fligrove; who is the Filgrove slayer?

How to get in? Please reply to this topic with how long you have been writing, and on a scale of 1-10 please tell us how avalable you are outside of weekends.

^~^ hope to see some people soon!

  • Co-Writer

  • Genres I read: Graphic novels, Horror, Manga

  • Genres I write: Fanfiction, Mystery, Musical, Humor, Action, Adventure, Drama, Historical Fiction

  • Brief summary of my current story (if applicable): Mana’s Mother was kidnapped by Anzu’s Minions and Mana needs help from 2 lovely female assistants from Taiwan and Australia named Dr. Tang Wei and Hana and 1 Intelligent Female Detective also from Australia named Ellen Price to stop an evil woman named Song Zhong From ruling all of China.

I’ve been writing the script for at least for months and I’m at a 10 because I’m at home on the weekends.

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Thank you for your understanding

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