Group Notifications by Story

Hello! I’ve upvoted a few similar threads, but I figured I’d also throw my suggestion into the ring. Essentially I’d like the ability to view notifications on a story by story basis.

I wrote a book eight years ago that has six million views, while the book I’m currently working on only has six thousand. I’m really happy that people still read and enjoy my older book, but as it has literally a thousand times the traffic, the notifications from this story completely bury the notifications from my new one. It would be cool if there was a tab or something for each story so I could quickly discern if my newer stuff has any new activity without having to scroll through pages of notifications for the old book.

Thanks for giving us a place to add suggestions! :slight_smile:

Yep! More sorting options for the notification feed would be awesome! :muscle:


imagines getting so many notifications you need sorting options


There’s a lot of notification sorting I’d love to have, but this is probably the thing I’d like most :smiley:

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It’s mainly luck, honestly :joy:

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I’m sure you also just wrote a very good story! (Although it seems that isn’t always necessary on Wattpad :joy:. I came across a 40k reads story recently that had no punctuation whatsoever :scream:)

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Ah, not at all! I was very proud of it at fourteen, but it’s no great example of literature or anything. Though it does have punctuation :slight_smile:

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I think my first wish, would be sorting votes, comments, follows and announcements from each other. I’m missing soooo many comments :sob:


Well maybe the author was very passionate about the and that is how he/she attracted readers :slight_smile: .

A function to add additional tab would be useful in my opinion.
I also have a problem thay the story that has more reader traffic than my newest story.

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Well, that’s 50% of what you need to write a good story, imo :wink:

Your suggestion makes so much sense! I hope they’ll be able to implement this feature at some point!

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Yes, I’d really like if I could sort out my notifications.

Is there a way to delete notifications? Because that would also be very handy if there isn’t one already.

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Not as far as I’m aware, unfortunately. I think you can turn off certain types of notifications like votes or reading list ads?

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