Group project?

Hello everyone! My name is Jazmine. I thought It would be fun to do a group project. We don’t have a genre or any ideas yet so it’s a free for all. Also, we can do multiple projects in smaller groups if it gets too crazy. So if you want to join, go to my Wattpad account and check my bio for a discord link. (I am not allowed to put the link on here)

I joined!

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I saw thanks! We wont start rn lets let some people have time.

Alrighty cool

Yeah we are gonna start from scratch. Brainstorming and picking generes etc.

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Hi there,

Redirecting users to external general chat discord servers isn’t allowed via the clubs. You can find out the types of links allowed in this thread. I’m afraid I’ll have to close your thread. If you’d like to share a link to your discord server, you can do so from your main Wattpad profile, and not redirect other users to the link via the forums.

Thanks for understanding,

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