Group story (You add to it)


Just work off the latest reply on the post. I’ll begin! Cheers!

-Sneaks in cradling carrot cake-

Oh people, lots of people. Will any of them be my friend? Oh that I wondered.
Perhaps I shall have offered something. As a token to a long lasting relationship?

-sets down tea-

I should. should I not? Give away this treat that in my hands I hold.
Well fine. It should be fine I guess. But do promise, promise to be my dear friend.

-Sets down cake-
-Will you take it?-


-takes it-
I always wanted a friend like you
-puts sugar in tea-
so do you like music?



I’m afraid that I do not listen to much, but that doesn’t mean i don’t listen at all.
The only music that bear that exception are classical works.

-Sipping from tea-

Instead I mostly draw. Its by no means work that could compare to Michelangelo.
It’s really not much but I’m fond of all I draw. How about you.?

-Accidentally drops small draw pad-
-Your actions are?-


-Gapping politely at the amazing drawings-
-quickly realizes my actions and stops-
I love music
-My voice trails off into song-


-walks in through door-
-sits at table-

Is there any room for me?


-Confused, looks at the new comer-

Sure there is, but what brought you here?
Was it Sammy’s song?


-looks over at you I was daydreaming-


drops from the ceiling fan

I didn’t realize all of you were here

looks at of you with wide eyes

Sorry if I bothered you


No You are totally fine.
-isn’t phased-
but where did that ceiling fan come from?


Fans have the tendency to follow me everywhere.
I don’t have many friends. Can I be your friend?


Of course!
-sipps tea-


What kind of tea is that?


Peppermint, would you like some?
-looks at you-


Yes please!
gratefully glances at you


-pours more tea gives it to you-
Do you like music?


Oh yes. Music is very nice.
sips tea
Thank you.


What kind of music
-crosses legs-


All kinds of soft music. Music that makes me think of sweet summer rains and big blooming flowers.
sips tea
What about you?
cocks head to the side


-nodded head thoughtfully-
Soft rock, rap love songs and kpop
-chuckles to myself-


Do you like reading books? Hardcover books with sweet smelling pages?