Group story (You add to it)


- smiles that smile-
Of course doesn’t everyone?


Unfortunately not.
eyes zone out and her smile falters
smiles again
At least you do!


-smile fades-
What is that on your shirt?


Oh! It’s a dying lily. My mother found it-
smile falls away
Never mind


It’s okay so what is your opinion on BTS?


I don’t listen to k-pop. Sorry…
eyes get sad


that’s okay I still like you
-tries to cheer you up-
Do you want to hear a joke?


-smiles from the corner-
Well I would.


Two fish are swimming and they run into a wall one looks at the other and says “Dam!”


That’s actually pretty good.


-Eyes widen-
I’ve never met anyone who likes my dad jokes



So do you like musical theatre?


-eyes widen more-
do you?


Yep! :slight_smile:

(you realize this isn’t a story right? just a chat under the wrong name?)


(Yes I realize haha)
so what is you favorite musical?


I really like Dear Evan Hansen and Hamilton. What about you?
smiles again


I like In The Heights but I’ve been really into Great Comet right now.


I want to see in the heights
dreamily stares off into the distance
What type of stories do you like?


-Awkwardly reappears from thin air-

I’ve been forgotten… not again :frowning:
Uh, stories? I’m quite taken by the light novel Overlord.

Oh bot there is one thing I forgot to mention.
I’m insane you see…

madly starts laughing

I’ve poison the tea and cake.
You will lose consciousness soon.

When you wake up again, the world around will be so different!
Please do survive, and never drink from anything at a warlocks tea party!!

-Everyone has been separated the world around you has changed-
-What will we all do?-


-calmly sips tea-
Something I forgot to tell you
I was on to you from the very beginning