Group story (You add to it)


-spits out tea-


-The Warlock sent everyone to a different world-


-falls on the ground-



sudden thumps on the door
Door is kicked down
awkward clearing of throat
Heh… I think I’ve gone to the wrong chat… btw, I was looking for a group of witches… so um yea do you mind sending everyone back so I can check if they’re witches? Yes?
awkwardly coughs
Well, I’ll see myself out then, I guess
Skips out the door and trips on the fallen door in the process


Hello, I’m your serving wench, Agartha, tonight’s specials are Fried Rabbit with a side of Mystery Stew, a nice fish in a Mt. Vesuvius sauce and Tapamon Beans. Would you like to start with cocktails?
Looks around at the nearly empty room


scrambles into the room
Did someone say MYSTERY STEW??? Yes! I love them! Taste test please! Cocktails… good options… I’ll rate you a 5/5 on Witches Guild Site


runs in
Did you say witch?


waves arms around frantically
Hell yeaaa! I’m a witch!


You survived the Salem witch trials too!


Oh my dearie, the fire and the water were just fun activities… the fire was like a massage and the water, well witches would take that time to sink and go down to catch frogs for our stew… it was great fun… but then they stopped them. I do feel bad for the nons.


ikr I feel bad for the witches that never got to experience that

@ang1e0251 can I start with a frog non achol cocktail?


sneezes bubbles


that’s okay I get it


OK, let’s take your orders. Cocktails…stew…or would you all like Chef’s Delight?


what is the chefs delight?


Well, that’s just it. Whatever delights the Chef!


okay I’ll have that and one grimmie (a drink)
-slides you a 100 dollar bill-


grabs up the bill and tucks it into the top of her blouse
Mmmmm…and the rest of you lot?


I’ll take chef’s delight! hands you a twenty


Tucks the bill in You Know Where starting a bit of a reveal
And who else?