Is it just me or is this starting to look like some exclusivity issues?

Lumi alerted me to groups earlier that I didn’t even know existed, turns out they’re actually discussing things relevant to the forums, but you can only see it if you’re in the group.

Seems like a way to keep people out of things more than anything. Correct me if I’m mistaken.


Yea that was one of the reasons I stopped writing on Wattpad for a bit. It quite Catty and highly sinister. In fact it’s one of the things I was referencing for lack of transparency.


lol. No. It’s just a test. And the only way to test a group is to create a group and play with the settings.

You can join if you want. Just click on it.

Nothing cliquey at all.


And anyone who knows me knows I’m absolutely not about special aside groups type of thing. So… I oppose joining it and using it entirely.


It’s more for roleplay and judges groups.

The Test Group was simply that a test group made to test if the groups were even going to work.


I’m against the idea of having roleplaying here but that’s an issue for another thread.


Yeah it’s just a test thing right now. The actual function of it hasn’t been determined but the idea that I see it for is for the people who have staff rooms on the MDC, role players, stuff along those lines.

Right now we already have “private” threads in the sense that people create a thread and ask the mods to sink it. These are basically the same thing only without mods having to sink it.


Laura, I thought you’d like groups? The idea is it might be helpful for managing groups like FCDB and WYCS. Could be used similar to sunken threads too.


Also would be great for Judges feedback in contests!

@Lumi I get your reasoning, could give it a shot to see if it works- You’ll never know if you like it if you don’t try it.


Ah so it’s referencing threads on here? Nevermind then.

I thought it was referencing the club thread, where threads are created for specific groups to exclude other wattpad users. … Which is an absolute abuse of the priviledge of unpinnable thread.


Though my current comment is mostly about the fact that discussions are going on but you must join the group to see them, rather than the actual exclusivity issue.

I didn’t even know they existed until Lumi sent a link to me asking what I thought.


Lauren did post about it, but there’s been so many different posts in so many different threads that it’s easy to miss something. This was the first post I could find on it:


Gotcha, gotcha


Like what would be your reasoning to fix this? Maybe have a preview of them when you click the groups to at least be able to see the threads? Like maybe not inside? but the topics and such.


FCDB is on hold with every mod, so that’s not a concern. I’m not a mod for WYCS.


Maybe something like that? I’m not really sure.

It appears that this could easily end up as a lot of people in groups and new people having no idea how to join them.


Are you on mobile or Web?


Mobile. I’m almost exclusively mobile.


You don’t just have to be a mod to benefit. Anyway, it’s all just a test and everyone’s thoughts and ideas are valid.

If groups turns out to be a dumb idea, then it won’t happen.

But come and be a part of figuring it out.


I’ve been waiting to use mobile until I get an app to use- I don’t like using website most of the time- I was going to direct you to how to join groups xD

On the website it’s not hard at all.