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a banner

old title: The First Lie

new text*: Chapter 1 to 5

author: InGeenious

short summary: I’m guessing you want the summary of what I want as the design? The first five chapters are all about build-up and kind a calm before the storm. I would like a banner that has an ominous feel to it. It says something like: “buckle up cuz everything that you’ve read so far? It’s just the beginning.” I fully give you creative freedom over the design. I would love it if it’s a little bloody.

STORY SUMMARY: Nineteen-year-old Jillian Mortier had a certain expectation of how her life will go and a certain role she wanted to portray. None of them was to be a Gamma candidate. But when she was thrust into a position that she didn’t plan on taking, strange events started to happen. As pack leaders acted peculiar and out of character, she has to do her best to step up while she was plagued with strange visions-- visions of blood, death, and destruction.(I put it in just in case you were actually asking for this.)

any changes: none?

password: jelly tart

anything else: it’s a werewolf story. I hope you take this. I really like your work. But if you don’t that’s okay. I still love your work anyway! :slight_smile:



I’m sorry but you are denied. This is a premade thread, not a custom graphics thread.

I hope you find the right designer!





Just finished binging the Dragon Prince and now I recognize Bait! He’s my favorite next to Zim or Reya!

I love the dragon prince so much!

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I can’t wait for next season!


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Hi there!

As stated in the multimedia guidelines, votes are not allowed as a payment. I have edited your post.

Click here to read the club guidelines.

Reading, following and commenting is fine. Good luck with your thread.

Thank you for understanding! :yellow_heart:


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Is your premade thread, Olivetta, still available?

yes, it is!


a thread

premade title; olivetta

new title; tea & books

new subtitle*; n/a

text; (box one) A solo graphic thread by yours truly… because I always find about a million different ways to procrastinate things like writing. And reading. And, yes, sleeping.
Besides, I need to get back into graphic designing. Currently offering covers, playlists, aesthetics/moodboards, and outfits before jumping into the various other and smaller graphics again.
(box two) RULES
No threadhopping / Graphics take UP TO 3 days / Be SPECIFIC, especially when requesting playlists / Credit is mandatory / Payment is either a follow or a comment on any work of mine / yes, I can deny / reply within a week or the graphic becomes a premade / password is your favorite tea or coffee

any changes?*; none

any extra codes? [banners or html]; nope!

password; jelly tart

anything else?; thank yoooou!