{ grumpy } premades -- closed


Heyaa, I’m trying to request for a premade thread but can’t seem to find the form :slight_smile:


I can’t find the form but I love all ur covers.

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HERE it is :slight_smile:


a cover

old title; expecto patronum

new title*; saving him

new subtitle*; a/n

author*; imtotallynotokay

short summary; it’s based around the goblet of fire but it has more drarry and instead of saving ron draco will be in his place.

any changes; a/n

anything else; jelly tart

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I didn’t get the chance to put up the premade thread form last night but I’ll do it in a bit and let you know when it’s up :slight_smile:

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And codes still don’t work for me rip sorry


hold down control + shift + v when pasting and the form should paste right!

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Good to know I didn’t just miss it :joy: Thank you!


thanks and i fixed it


haha yup! :joy: it should be up now!


you’re welcome! I’ll check it out right now! :slight_smile:

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You’re accepted!

Please complete the payment listed on the first post.

Thank you for requesting!

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payment completed


a thread

premade title; Verity

new title; Playlists

new subtitle*; Character/ Ship/ Novel Playlists Offered (if you can put a subtitle in there. If not, no biggie!)

text; https://pastebin.com/raw/vFyiF0i7

any changes?*; I wanted the background to be black, I wanted to change the title to “PLAYLISTS” keeping the white background but changing the hot pink font to light grey. I wanted to keep the light pink and coral circles around the icon the same thing, but change the icon to THIS picture

any extra codes? [banners or html]; Here is the FORM… I also wanted to link my chapter titles to my actual chapters, so clicking on the title will immediately send them to that chapter to complete payment. Here are the links + the chapter titles :slight_smile:

password; Jelly Tart

anything else?; Nopeee


ok, thank you! I’ll work on the cover later today :slight_smile:




You’re semi-accepted!

Please do not complete the payment yet.

Thank you for requesting!

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Hey! Here’s what your cover’s going to look like! If you want any more changes, let me know. If not then go ahead and use it. Please pick it up within 3 days or it becomes a premade again.

Please credit me in your story summary when you use it!

[ click for graphic ]

Thank you for requesting!

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It looks amazing thank you

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you’re welcome!