{ grumpy } premades -- closed



title;* || He’s all I have || solby

new subtitle;* a/n

author;* solbystories94

short summarySam and Colby are two guys from Kansas when they move out to LA they move into the trap house. But over the years Sam finds himself questioning his sexuality. And after all these years one prank confirms it all. I sam golbach and min love with my best friend will Colby reciprocate those feelings or will their friendship end in shambles.

any changes; a/n

anything else; the main characters are two you tubers if you could use a picture of them liking in live or like the picture they kiss it’s online their names are Sam golbach and Colby Brock would be awesome I have no preference on font as long as it’s bad a**



I’m sorry but you are denied. this is a premade thread







Do you know if Graphic Competitions are still allowed? I want to request one of your premades but dont want to waste it if i can’t use it.

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in the mdc or in a book? I’m pretty sure you’re still allowed to host them in the mdc

i meant in the MDC, i havent been on since the change so wasn’t sure. I’m gonna request a thread soon

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<span title=“coded by newsies-”><span style=“font-size:30px;letter-spacing:0px;line-height:11px;background:#131313;color:#389ba2;font-family:tnr;display:block;padding:40px 50px 0px 50px;margin-bottom:-5px;text-transform:lowercase;”><BR><B><I>a thread</B></I> </span><span style=“font-size:12px;letter-spacing:0px;line-height:15px;background:#131313;color:#E8E8E8;font-family:arial;display:block;padding:0px 50px 40px 50px;”><BR>

<b>premade title;</b> Adore

<br><b>new title;</b> Same Title

<br><b>new subtitle*;</b> A Graphic Competition

<br><b>text;</b> Is the text that is already on there okay or do I have to change it?

<br><b>any changes?*;</b> No Changes

<BR><B>any extra codes? [banners or html];</b> Banner

<BR><B>password;</b> jelly tart

<br><b>anything else?;</b> no thank you so much

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you don’t have to give new text if you don’t want to, but keep in mind you can’t edit the text yourself. do you want the banners that are already made or do you want different one?

The one’s that are already made are fine.



You’re accepted!

Please complete the payment listed on the first post.

Thank you for requesting!