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<span title=“coded by newsies-”><span style=“font-size:30px;letter-spacing:0px;line-height:11px;background:#131313;color:#389ba2;font-family:tnr;display:block;padding:40px 50px 0px 50px;margin-bottom:-5px;text-transform:lowercase;”><BR><B><I>a cover</B></I> </span><span style=“font-size:12px;letter-spacing:0px;line-height:15px;background:#131313;color:#E8E8E8;font-family:arial;display:block;padding:0px 50px 40px 50px;”><BR> <b>old title;</b> text here <BR><B>new title*;</B> Walking Dead <BR><B>new subtitle*;</B> she would survive the walking dead, even if it meant they’d have to die twice. <BR><B>author*;</B> yamamsahoe <BR><B>short summary;</b> a walking dead fan fiction where a romance sparks between the main character and Daryl Dixon <BR><b>any changes;</B> please put these two photos instead of the ones you have. http://chic.com.s3.amazonaws.com/chic/jessicaka/jessica7.jpg

https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ef/0b/88/ef0b88b8b57c6e048f4476e75f8bf18a.jpg<BR><B>password;</b> Jelly Tart <BR>anything else;</b> No thanks hun <3

im so sorry I have a Mac and every time I paste the info it doesn’t work even when I use the commands you gave :frowning:

please complete the payment or I will have to deny your thread request



I’m sorry but you are denied. this is a premade thread not a custom cover thread




Sorry I haven’t completed the payment yet, school has been hectic. What story was I suppose to comment on?

it’s fine. it’s chapter one of “Kingdom of Lothoria” by Crazy_People_410


Payments completed

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a cover

old title; Moonlight

new title*; Echoes

new subtitle*; You can’t run from your past

author*; Angel Durham

short summary; When a body turns up in town, three individuals come back together to try to hide their secret; three years ago, they’d killed a man. Damen was the town sherrif, but had given up the position after the murder, Kat continued to work as a waittress and Melanie had gone on to college. As the authotities draw ever closer to finding the killer, will these three stick together as they once did, or will their murdered man finally acheive what he had wanted in life: to destroy their lives.

any changes; Nope

password; jelly tart

anything else; This story will be told in large swaths of flashbacks, telling the story of what led up to the murder, the murder and then switch back to current time which is the delayed aftermath of the events of that one night. So basically, the first one will happen maybe when they discover the news of the investigation, and the one day I was thinking about “what if you wrote a story backwards?” well, maybe I can tell the murder and such backwards, and when or if they get arrested (kinda inevitable) the one MC will look back and narrate “it all started, one day when I accepted a ride home from work instead of waiting for my brother” or something like that.

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ok, thank you!



You’re accepted!

Please complete the payment listed on the first post.

Thank you for requesting!

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Hey! Here’s what your thread’s going to look like! If you want any more changes, let me know. If not then I’ll personal message you the coding. Please pick it up within 3 days or it becomes a premade again.

[ click for graphic ]

Thank you for requesting!

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Those are perfect

ok! I sent you the coding! please don’t forget to link back!


I’ll get around to the payment soon, but if I haven’t in a few days, feel free to give me a reminder, work has been busy lately and I keep getting called in

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