{ grumpy } premades -- closed

please don’t forget to complete the payment

Thanks, I didnt forget, just had to takr some time away from my dad and such at my mom’s following a huge breakdown. I’m doing better now, but it’ll have to as I until tomorrow when tomorrow get out of work (going to bed soon). I added it to my reading list so I’d see it when I log into Wattpad



Hey! Here’s what your cover’s going to look like! If you want any more changes, let me know. If not then go ahead and use it. Please pick it up within 3 days or it becomes a premade again.

Please credit me in your story summary when you use it!

[ click for graphic ]

Thank you for requesting!

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Can you remove ‘written by’ and put my name at the bottom as well as make it bigger? Also, make the E in Echoes a slightly different font, it looks more like an f in the current font

I’ll see how it looks with the author name at the bottom. can you find a font you would like? also, when is this story going to be posted? I noticed there isn’t a story on your profile with this title

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Yeah, I know, I gotta finish chapter one

Want me to post what I have and then finish the chapter? That way it isn’t sitting there?

I made the first chapter more of a prologue

I was just asking when it would be posted, I didn’t say you had to post anything right now

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I know, I like it, I did something new, made a 0 chapter


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Also, I don’t know what fonts you have either

you can just pick one you like from dafont or befonts

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I like the first one the most, but whichever one looks best to you, use it

ah those fonts aren’t free

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I’m only commenting this because I love your icon.
I love the Dragon Prince!:heart:

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oh, well I don’t know how to find free ones then

thank you! I love the dragon prince so much! :purple_heart:

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you can find free fonts on the sites I mentioned, dafont and befonts

that’s where I was, but I couldn’t tell if they were free or not

a thread

;premade title; pluviophile

;new title; and July

;new subtitle*; Welcome to and July! This is a thread for Premades and Custom covers; fakes are allowed!

;text; exactly same as in the example

;any changes?*; pls change the payment to 1. “follow b-reathe” 2. Comment on first chapter of And July 3. comment on And July; also can the password be: Trivia//July

;any extra codes? [banners or html]; if possible, I’d like all the “Accepted/denied/etc” banners and threads please

;password; jelly tart

;anything else?; thank you so much in advance!

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