{ grumpy } premades -- open



do you want the “Welcome to and July ! This is a thread for Premades and Custom covers; fakes are allowed!” in the welcome part of the thread? because you put it as the subtitle and the subtitle would be on the thread where it says “pluviophile: a lover of rain”


they’re free. I’m pretty sure you gave me the new font for “margarita” off one of those sites


in the welcome part, please! thanks!




You’re accepted!

Please complete the payment listed on the first post.

Thank you for requesting!


I think I know what happened.I clicked on an add for another font website thinking those were categories on dafont




Here’s some from befonts


check the delivery post for the new version. I made your author name bigger, moved it to the bottom, and took out the “written by” part. I also changed the E in the title to the ghilion font you gave


hey, for the payment, you need to comment on chapter one not the prologue :slight_smile:


Thank you! I’ll be using one of the two. Have a nice day


you’re welcome! ok, please don’t forget to credit me in the summary of your book. thank you, have a nice day as well


so sorry! On my way! to do it nowww :smiley:


it’s fine! thank you! :smiley:




Hey! Here’s what your thread’s going to look like! If you want any more changes, let me know. If not then I’ll personal message you the coding. Please pick it up within 3 days or it becomes a premade again.

[ click for graphic ]

Thank you for requesting!


its beautiful, thanks! I’m sorry to ask, and I understand if it isn’t possible, but for the payment part, could you change the 1,2,3 part to: first request, 2nd request, 3rd. ? Sorry for the inconvenience!


yeah, I can! and it’s fine :slight_smile: I’ll change it when I get a chance


I changed the text and I sent you the coding! please don’t forget to link back!




Hey. What app do you use for your fonts? I use Canva, but its not nearly as good as the fonts you’re using.


I don’t use an app, I download them mostly from dafont but also from befonts


Oh! I never imagined lol. Thanks. :slight_smile: